Black Honey. Chapter Three

Authors note : I’m sorry for all the missed used words and spelling and grammar mistakes getting some one to look all three chapters over .

Chapter 3


Love´s screaming
I will be the end of you

I will be the end of you – HIM

“Something just ain’t right bro, and it not just that house. It’s everything, the quietness, the empty road. Even the birds have stopped and come to think of it I haven’t seen one in the sky.”

Yea Pete I know. We have been driving for four hours and nothing. When I say nothing, I mean nothing not living dead or living thing. I let out a worried sigh.

“Ok guys you’re freaking us out back here, mind talking?”

“Well Clair, honest, I don’t know this goes against everything we know about zombie shit” I said.

“What if they have been drawn to something?”  ked Bailey, the first smart words that came from her mouth so far.

“It could be,” I turned on the car’s radio and still only found static. “Dammit!” I said out of frustration and got out the car. Pete was fast to follow.

“Kenny what’s up bro? You have had a worried and determinant look on your face sins the gas station…What are you plotting?”

“Nothing Pete, nothing just need time to think.” I leaned against the car door and took in a cold breath.

“OK fine” he said and came around. “You know whatever you’re planning, you can’t do it alone.”

He knew me to well. It was who Pete was. He studied each person he met intently and could draw from them after a while to what they’re thinking, what emotions they were showing.
He walked off, away from the car and then stared at me and I knew he wanted me to follow. And against my better judgment I did.

“Ok what’s up? The girls can’t hear us now, I can see Bailey is irritating you and Claire, what shit was that in the convenient shop?” he said in a bitter tone.

“Are you jealous?”

“No… Kenny but,”

“Your jealous dude, your fucking jealous I don’t believe it. Pete, hey” I placed my hand on his shoulder and looked him in the eye.” You know you need not be dude, not with me. She just needed a hug and a shoulder to cry on, come on you really think I’d hit on her?”

“You disappeared Kenneth, just like that. It’s not like you, it’s not like you to even comfort someone, I know you dammit you’re self centered, drawn back into your shell and that’s why you always pick up the bad ones.”

“The bad ones? Dude hey listed, I know the past guys I dated was shit holes but,”

“But what? I’ve seen you coming back with bruises and a busted lip and God know what ells, so tell me give me a reason why he didn’t beat you, he didn’t rape you? “

“Wait since when did it become a discussion about Thor?”

“Thor?” Is that his name?” his hands when up in the air and he huffed out breath.

“No his name Thomas, but everyone called him Thor. But that’s not the point. You’re pissed off about something and I’m not sure what,”

“Kenneth dude I just… I was really worried about you” said Pete.

 His voice was full of emotion and his eyes glistened with moister and I got scared. Pete wasn’t the type of guy to cry.


“Dude… fuck!” And he burst out in tears.


So that was it … My friend, my best friend had creaked. He was jealous alright, not on the fact that he thought I might be hitting on Claire but that he was the one that needed a hug and I never give it to him. Guess you never truly know someone till the day the world goes to shit.

“Pete hey dude I’m sorry. I’m a bad friend,”

“You fucking right you are!” He shouted at me and pushed me back, but fell on his own ass in his outburst.

“You left me dude like every other person in my life you just up and left! No text, No letter, no nothing! You’re just like the rest of them, no one cares about me and no one gives a shit! At least you found someone hey? And you couldn’t even let me know you’re OK? The fuck Kenny.”

 Pete was opening up, his parents left him yes they got killed in a car crash, his last two girlfriend left him cause they felt he had nothing to offer them and I left him maybe when he needed me most, and he was angry not just at every one that left him but I think angry at Thor for taking me from him too.

“You know what? Your right, you can be angry, you’re allowed to, you can be jealous but you’re also selfish Pete, I have a right to be happy too and I was, with him.”

“Did he hurt you?”

“What? No… Peter, no!” I said hurt. “He was rough but he didn’t hurt me I felt… Well safe with him and I could trust him, I knew I could dammit! We were planning a life together!” I felt my own anger come forth.

“How did you meet?” Pete asked wiping his tears.

“Tell you what Pete, let’s check out the house make sure it’s cleared, get settled and I tell you all you want to know” he nodded and I gave him my hand and helped him up.


The large farm-house was deserted, looking like every one left for their morning routines never to return. It was late afternoon when I found a ladder in the barn and brought it into the house.

 I found Bailey looking over the photos in the hallway. I froze when she spoke.

 “You think they made it to one of those safe zones?”

She had hope in her voice for them or maybe for us.

“I don’t know Bailey,” I said with my back to her. “It’s best to assume they are dead. Hope can be deceiving you know, to hope that someone you love is still alive and then find them only to see they’ve turned.  I’m sorry to sound so cruel but…”

“No Kenny, it’s ok, I understand where you’re coming from, you’re scared and you’re scared to think about it, so am I. You have kept us alive this long, so I guess the mental approached your taking is helping.”

“Bailey,” I placed the lather down and turned to her. “There will be time, we will morn those we loved and lost but not right now, now we have to … we have to think of Claire and the baby.”

“You know?” she asked surprised.

“Yea, I could pick up on it” I said looking her in the eyes.

“She didn’t want to tell you, she was scared you would force her to get rid of it.”

“O god… I’M …. God I’m so sorry” I blubbered and dart for the nearest room and closed it behind me.

I sank down onto the bed, it was a little girl’s room with pink ponies and clouds painted agents the wall and pink bedding underneath me. I clutched the sheets and bit down on my teeth to keep the cry from escaping my throat. And I cried, I cried for Thor, for police girl, for the woman in the street begging for help, I cried for the little girl who may or may not be alive and I cried because of what I have become, a heartless monster in the eyes of the others. And I found myself asking when?

When did I lose it, when did I lose my humanity.

The little voice inside me said no I haven’t lost it yet. I’m still showing emotions, still sacred; still a small part of me is hopeful. And I knew then that it won’t take long before I lose it completely. This now Claire, Bailey, Peter and the unborn baby is all that I have left in this world and by God is my witness I will die protecting my new family.

Stepping out the room Pete caught a glimpse and gave me a weak smile as I wiped the last tears from my face.

“All the mattresses are in the attic dude, we got some blankets, I see you found the ladder. Bailey’s bringing up the food that we found in the kitchen. No guns though.”

I nodded. We decided to go spend the night up in the attic and taking the ladder if for whatever reason we did need to get out. It was a little after ten that night when I started telling Pete how  Thor and I met, of course I didn’t tell him in detail like I’m going to tell you, still something’s he didn’t need to hear.


It was April, 23 around 22:38 when I walked in to the leather bar. Privet little bar for the gay community that was into the BDSM scene. I was really out of my place here, in a white t-shirt and skinny jeans. Been hearing about this place for some time and that night after I had a couple to many beers the temptation called me into the dodgy bar. Beer made me talk and babble and cocky which maybe then wasn’t the right thing. I was only looking for a one time hook up, not what I got though. The place was filled with men wearing leather chaps and harnesses, some like me only wore jeans and white t-shirts, others wore collars, naked with something around there cock and butts with a lock attached to it. Didn’t know at that time what a chastity belt was, let alone seen one. I was attractive and so obviously attention got draw to me when I steeped in. At that time, I didn’t know he was staring at me already.

I was still taking in the sight before and around me when someone placed there big hand on my shoulder.

“Hey kid, you look a little young to be here, where’s your Master?” he said in a slur voice and spun me round.

“Master? I’m no one servant dude” I snapped back at the bear of a man. He had a bald head and a tube tire for belly, he smelled of sweat and the harness around his large chest could barely fit.

“You’re about to be pretty boy.”

 He junked me forward on my t-shirt, took my chain in his hand and tilted my face sideways.

“No collar, no ownership, so I’m taking you as my own little bitch.”

I brought my knee up to his groin but his tube bell was too large, so it only met the fat cushion of his tummy. He chuckled.

“Gone be long night for you boy, seems we have a live one in our hands” his hand took my jaw and he squeezed it hard bringing my face close to his.

“You do as you are told naughty disrespectful cunts get wiped.”

“I think I’ll take a rain check buddy,” I mumbled under the force of his hand.

“Oh no you don’t, can’t come in here, flaunt your pretty little face and then just slip away, Master got plans for you!”

 He was stronger than I was as he pressed my then, down to my knees and forced my head against his groin. I could feel the erection in his pants then.

“I believe he said no, Wester!” came another man’s voice.

“Aw shut up Randy, this has nothing to do with you!” the bear man snapped back at whoever the Randy dude was.

 I heard a scuffle then and felt the bear man being junked away from me, his griped still at the back of my head and pulled on my hair, instantly there was another hand on his wrist and something happened because the next thing I knew, my face met the floor and I tasted blood in my mouth.

“Get the fuck out of here Wester, before I throw you out!” the Randy dude said with authority to his voice.

 I felt strong hands grip me, slightly gentile this time and steady me, what I found or who I found staring back at me was another bald-headed guy, this one with his dark blue eyes was handsome and built like a brick wall with his no-shirtO-I’m-so-fucking-hot-knight-in-shining-leather-take-me-now!

But he didn’t, just gently tiled my head up and looked at my lips and rubbed his knuckles against my cheek. He spoke like an angel. Yea I was drunk and maybe dazed from the face meeting floor event, but hell he was attractive.

“You ok buddy?” he asked looking me in the eyes.

“Yea, I am now” I responded and mange a smile.

He helped me sit at one of the bar stools and went around to the back of the bar counter and brought back a plastic cup filled with ice and a cloth.

“Here, put that on your lips before it swells.”

 I did ecstatically what he said.

“It gets rough in here. You didn’t think it over coming in here did you? How old are you kid, got any ID?  Because if you’re under age, hells gone be lose.” he said and glanced over to the entrance where the bouncer was.

“I’m good” I said with a piece of ice in my mouth holding it to my lips and retrieved my wallet from my pocket and showed him my ID.

“Hell you sure look young for a twenty-four year old” he said and took another look to make sure.

“Kenneth Steel? Interesting name kid, South Africa, long way from home aren’t you?”

He could have talked the biggest bunch of bull shit and I would still be hanging to those lips of his. Until his partner came round and my mood turned sour.

“Hey babe,”


 They greeted, kissed like I wasn’t even there, groped his ass and then both men turned and looked at me, his partner spoke.

“Saved another one tonight?” asked the partner.

“Yea, he’s new,”

“Cute little ting ain’t he, maybe he needs two daddies to rough him up a bit?” his partner teased.

“Na, think he has enough roughening up for tonight, he met Wester.”

“Oh, did he bust up your lip boy?” asked his partner.

I just shook my head in a no.

“No, kid slipped and fell Daile” said Randy and moved away to help another man at the other end of the bar.

Daile slightly younger but also handsome, with a full set of black spiky hair and not as muscular as Randy reached over with his hand and rubbed it over my lip. I flinched when the salt on his thumb met the broken skin.

“Sorry,” he whispered “Just some broken skin boy, it will heal, now what are you doing here?”

“Don’t know, heard about the place wanted to come check it out.”  

Odd thing was, after the commotion it didn’t seem to faze any one what happened.

“Well as pretty as you are I won’t suggest you come in here alone.”

Randy was back by then.

“Randy likes to play the savior to the young and new ones, but some of the other folks in here I won’t recommend over for dinner If you know what I mean” he chuckled and placed his hand around Randy’s neck.

God could there be a hotter couple?”

I think I choked at the chemistry between to two, it just spelled hot blissful lust and love.

“I’m gone lock up back babe, seems the boys are starting to leave” said Daile and I glanced at my watch, it was past eleven now.

“Oh no,” said Randy just before Daile left.

“What?’ asked Daile, he turned in his step just then and brought his face to his hand in a very feminine way.

“Kid heads up” said Randy” I can save you from most of the guys in here but definitely not from that, you’re on your own.”

I was totally confused and both of them had sneakily looks in their faces.

“From what? I asked.

Just then someone bend over next to me retrieving his wallet. The sent instantly made me aware of the man. Sweaty yes but intoxicating.

His voice came low and hard when he spoke.

“Evening Randy, Daile. Just came to pay my due for the night.”

The man didn’t so much as even glance up at me or knowledge my existence. His back was huge and I mean bodybuilder huge, to what I could make out the way the white material of his shirt pulled on the huge lats and trap muscles. There was a long line of sweat down the center of his shirt. His blond hair set just above the neck line, naturally golden blond hair, his skin wasn’t pale but tanned but not to dark either, his nails nicely trimmed and the hands with the veins in them (I have a ting for sexy hands) it made my hard instantly. He didn’t speak when Randy took the money from him to pay his bill. The dim light shining from the bar caught his stable, slightly darker brown hair and trimmed, obviously this was a guy that looked well after himself. Before he placed his wallet back in pocket he stood back up, even sitting on the bar stool I was shorter than him. He slapped a twenty-dollar bill down on the bar and spoke again in that rich hard voice.

 ”Tip for you boys, for saving the kid” he chuckled and shook his head from side to side.

I got a slight glimpse of his face then, more of the dark peach colored lips and the shiny with teeth than anything else. He had a strong jaw line and sharp chin, the smile or grin on his face just depend the dimples on his cheek and the age lines… God even then I knew he would be handsome. Randy and Daile chuckled with him and he turned around and walked to the exit. My gaze followed him out.  It was lowly lit in the bar as much I expected and maybe it was my imagination but I could just imagine the force and strength in those long legs, to make his massive frame move and even thought I couldn’t see his ass, I knew those cheeks where rock hard. I drooled.

“Don’t for get to breathe boy,” said Daile and laugh and walked of back.

 I was still staring at the empty entrance when I got distracted when more men left the bar.

Randy looked at me smiling broadly.

“He didn’t even look at you and he already has you trapped in his little game.”

I blinked once and then twice and still couldn’t get the small bit of the man out of my head.

“Hey Kenneth, relax and forget about it, you’re not his type any way” at that I draw myself back out of my own mind and looked at Randy.

“He is just playing you. He likes his boy’s older and a bit more muscular.”

For some reason Randy’s words made me feel very insecure in myself and brought what little self a steam I had down to nothing.

“In other words Kenneth you don’t stand a chance with the guy, just take it for what it is and go boy, and next time you want to come here give me or Daile a call so we have the heads up and can keep an eye out for you.”

 He placed a napkin down in front of me with his number on it.

“I… I have to go” I said and got up and five feet away, I turned around griped the napkin and said thanks under my breath to Randy, who just chuckled and shook his head.

The April night air was crisp, fresh and coldly clean in compression to the stuffy warm bar. My phone vibrated then and I ignored it and I leaned back against the cold wall and caught my breath…

Only once before had a man had such an effect on me and that was back home with an ex boyfriend that didn’t end up so well with his ex-wife, and I knew then what it was.

 It wasn’t his game as Randy stated. It was that feeling where everything around you falls away and your chest gets tight and it’s hard to breath. Your heart pounds in your chest for dear life, ready to explode.  Your being is frozen on the spot and your mind is screaming at you, your heart is going crazy and your brain is too stupid to think and your too scared of making a move and being rejected.

 Yes that feeling, the love at first sight feeling and trust me I know it and I know it’s only temporary.  The chemicals in your body responding but after time that to will fade and he will become just another guy you dated, loved and poured your heart out to. Yea I was pathetic in that moment but I loved it at the same time. My phone vibrated again and I took it out and stared at the screen. Pete.


“Hey man what’s up?” he asked.

“Dude I’m tripping here,”

“You on drugs Kenny… again?”

“No…” I said in weak voice.

“I think… Pete, howl shit I think I’m I love!”

Pete snorted in laughter at the other end.

“How many tequila’s have you had Kenny?”

“None, just a couple of beers, dude I’m freaked out, this time is different.”

“Yea Kenny and so was the last time and the time before that and before that, how many has it been now, twenty?”

“Pete shut up. I’m coming home dude, get pizza, I’m starving.”

“Oh so you’re not coming home with the guy, one bathroom head and you’re in love?”

“Peter just shut up; I didn’t even speak to the man. We didn’t do nothing.”

“O… you want me to come get you?”

I thought about it honestly I did. My legs felt like they would buckle under me. But then he would get upset about the busted lips and … I just dent have the energy to deal with over protective Pete right now.

“No, its cool just get the dam pizza, make sure there’s lots of cheese and garlic.”

“Sure dude bye.”


I fell back against the wall again trying to compose myself. I failed to notice the black Chevrolet pickup across from me. Only when I heard the door slam did I raise my head and by then it was too late as big tall and beastly was heading straight towards me. In five quick steps he was in front of me and towering massively over me.

“You OK?” he asked in the same hard, deep voice.

No I wasn’t, he was to close this time and the feeling came back before he even reached me. Panic and anxiety and lust and other strange feeling flooded me again. I caught my breath and didn’t even answer the man. He chuckled and cubed my chin, then raised my head to meet his gaze gently. God those eyes, dark green and piercing, they looked into mine and he grinned, showing his perfectly with teeth again. The deep curves lines on his face only made him seem more ravaging and then the vain in his formed came out.  The grin however was dark and I felt like a mouse caught in cat’s snare. I think he growled then or groan or something but he rubbed his thumb over my lips just like Daile did even though it burned I didn’t flinch when he rubbed gently over the broken skin, no I was to dam love stuck lost in those dark green eyes, I even leaned in to his touch.  He spoke deep and every word chilled me to my bone marrow and also sends fire coursing in to my blood.

“Such a pretty little thing walking in to the den of wolves, with no one to protect him. It would be like throwing piece of meat at the pack and letting them have their fill. Are you fucking stupid boy?”

I flinched then but he did not retrieve his hand from my chin, he griped it firmly and leaned with his other against the wall with his massive frame shadowed over me.

 He leaned even closer then and smelled me, not like you would smell a flower but like he savored himself in it, forced his mind to remember it. His breath was warm as it spilled over my face, slightly smelling of alcohol and mint.

“You take care little pup,” He said and gently petted my cheek. He brought his face even closer to mine and stared in to my eyes. He liked his lips then but didn’t come in for the kill, I knew mine was trembling maybe trying to urge him, invite him in to my mouth.

“Such a greedy little boy.”

‘I…I… I’m not a little boy sir,”

“Now I’m sure you’re not, your big man aren’t you pup?” he asked and chuckled deep. I could feel that dark laugh tremble trough me.

“I’m sure Randy or Daile gave you some good advice better stick to it pup, this is not a place I would like to see you in again, understood?” his words held a form of dominance that subconsciously I obeyed.

“Yes sir,”

He smiled then and that cursed grin spreader over his face.

“Best you leave now,” he slapped my cheek gently and withdrew from me, turned around and walked back to his puck up.

 I watched him drove away then. I stood there till his red tail lights dissipated in to the night and then I let out a breath that seemed to be my first and my last.

“Shit” I muttered under my breath and somehow I managed to walked back home. Don’t ask me how but that face was curved into me, those eyes followed me with each step and I knew I was screwed.

Coming in to the apartment I didn’t even greet Pete just snatch the pizza box smelling of garlic and when to my room. I didn’t bother eating the pizza. I went to lie on my bed and those eyes were still in my head, that face, it hunted me for the next two weeks till I met him again.

 I sat alone at a coffee shop the Friday afternoon after getting off work early. I was still sipping on the strong coffee when I heard a familiar couple coming in. Rosé Coffee was a small yet busy coffee shop, so what were the odds of Randy and Daile coming to get a coffee, but they were not alone as he, Mr. Tall big and beastly was with them. They ordered their coffee and I expected them to leave, in all honesty I started to despise the man for cursing me with his attractiveness, he was all I thought about at worked, in bed at the gym (god now realizing it he was my obsession then already). It was bad, so bad that I was unsocial with my other small group of friends. They didn’t leave, the bustards went and sat at the window, I grinned my teeth in displeasure for them (him) disrupting my almost perfect day, as I had only thought of him once during the morning and actually forgotten about him all day till now. The displeasure was swept away when he laugh out load and the handsome smile broke across his face and the sun just right glowing on his back making his blond hair shine. Or I was just love struck again, that everything about him seemed to be so bloody fucking perfect. Neither of them noticed me and I was fine with that, just sitting there watching him, sip his coffee. The way his lips enclosed around the paper cups drinking entrance, the way he liked off those lips after he swallowed. The way they blushed red-pink from the heat of the coffee. And then he had to laugh and bare his perfectly with teeth again. God I was hard and to top it all the shop started getting empty and quite then this happened.

“Kenneth, here’s your sticky bun sweetheart,” came Rose’s voice LOUD and I could feel every one looking in my direction. Rosé came around with the cinnamon bun and placed it on my table. And by the time she stepped away I was blushing blood-red. And I knew he saw me, because right after Rosé moved away Daile took the chair cross me.

“Hey boy,”

I grumbled a hello and dug my face down taking a sip of my coffee.

“How you been?” he asked chuckling.

“Better,” I said in a tone that could melt rock.

“O lighten up pretty, who got you down in the dumps?”

“Big tall and beastly over there.”

Daile glanced back and turned around looking at me with his eyebrows furrowed.

“Now Kenneth, don’t let him get under your skin. He is hot we can both agree on that but hey,” and his voice turned gentile then “You’re not his type and I’m not too sure the BDSM life style is the thing for you.”

“O, well it doesn’t look like he is on the scene.”

Daile shied and rolled his eyes.

“Thor, isn’t so much into howl dressing up in leather thing, come to think of it I don’t think he has ever worn leather, it’s also not a fantasy to him, it’s a life style, and he is more into the mental dominating then just physical, he wants to know he is in control, he want to know he owns a guy physical as well as mentally.”

“And what exactly gave you the idea I’m not into all that?”

“Trust me boy, I saw how out-of-place you where a couple of night ago, you didn’t know what you were doing. Kenneth you seem like a sweet guy but if you really want to try it I’m sure me and Randy can use a boy for bit. On the other hand Thor just got out of a long-term relationship so I don’t think he is looking anyway.”

“Is Thor really his name?” I asked ignoring everything else he just said.

“God there’s no getting it trough to you, guess that’s one thing you two shear in common, both stubborn and let me tell you a stubborn sub is not something any Dom would want , and no his names Thomas, we just call him Thor because he sort of looks a like the god of thunder.”

“What the hell are a Dom and a sub?” I asked.

“Kenneth, No just go get yourself a nice guy. Don’t bother with this boy; you’ll just end up getting hurt.”

I glanced up and saw the shop door opened as Pete came in.

“You better go, my body-guard is here.”

“You have a body-guard? This shit I’ve got to see,” he laughs.

“No, Pete’s just a friend, a very over protective straight friend. And I don’t want to see him get hurt by you,” I said and gave Daile a wink.

“Ga, I will take it as a complement then,” he said and got up then ruffed up my hair.

“Thanks,” I said just as Pete came too stood proud behind me.

“Kenneth” he greeted.

“Shut up Pete and sit down.”

 I gave one last glance at their table. Daile walked away and I caught him stare, yes he was staring … and the look of killer intent was his eyes… Was he jealous? I had no idea and I never asked him ether. I wanted to though, wanted to know what was going through his head when he first saw me, but Thor rarely got down and soppy. It just wasn’t him.  When Pete and I left after, he made long discussion of his break up with his then current, now probably zombie ex. They were gone.

That night I was with one of my girl friend at a local pub, the theme was country music. So I was dressed in the tightest pair of jeans I owned and black button up shirt and some old brown leather cowboy boots that gave my feet blisters. It was also open mike night and me being one of the regulars singers at the bar… (Which was not a gay bar, I might add) I got up on stage and sang my heart out, now I’m not saying I was some Charles Kelley  but I could sing a dam mean country song, before that we (me and my girl friend) was out on the dance floor swinging and grinding our hips to the tunes of the music. It was certainly not a place I was expecting him to show up in, nor was it a place I’ve seen him before and we went regularly.

So me and Daniela did our interpretation of Lady antebellum Things that people say, now I have a rather deep rich voice and I put on my best cowboy ascent I could and put up quite a performance and I could actually keep and carry the notes. I knew Daniela could, she was a music student, that night however I had nothing to drink, and I barely stepped off the stage when someone griped my arm and pulled me into the darkness of the back stage. The eyes staring back at me was the drunken face of a one night stand I don’t even remember the details of.

“Hey Kenny,” said the guy.

 He was handsome, cute. Hell, I don’t do cute. I thought to myself in that instance.

“Do you remember me?” he asked

“Er… Jonny?”

He laughs and tightened his grip on my arm.

“Let me remind you Kenneth,” and he sank down on me with his alcohol sour breath and kissed me.

Stronger and slightly taller and bigger, he crushed me in to the wall. I tried to pull away when his tong slipped into my mouth but really with the wall behind me and his arms around my wrist there was nowhere to go. So I just bared the moment till I had the means to escape the guy. He even groaned and drove his hips forward grinding his crouch into my groin. I wasn’t hard not even close but he was. A voice spoke behind us but the next performing act was to load and he was moaning in my ear, I didn’t hear what the person said. Till one-night-stand was gripped on the shoulders and tore, literally tore away from me and slammed against the opposite wall. Yes you guessed it, big tall and beastly toward over the man like he was nothing.

“What’s up handsome, looking for a three-way?” said one-night-stand guy. Thor on the other hand was gripping the man’s t-shirt with his right hand not to friendly and I think he was growling. His jaws seemed to be locked tight the way his muscles in his neck contracted, he didn’t look directly at me but he tilted his head sideways and spoke again rather angry.

“Is he with you? Did you enjoy that because clearly it seemed that you didn’t?”

“No Sir,” it slipped out, it just did. He turned back to one-night-stand guy and got up in his face.

“Take your leave buddy, he doesn’t want you.”

“Man relax, it’s just a kiss dude what’s your problem you got something against gays?”

“Just make yourself disappear before someone gets hurt” Thor hissed in his face.

He had actually picked the guy up on his shirt. Talk about me cave man, this mine, now me kill you. The guy left stumbling. Thor span around took my wrist and dragged me along with him, btw I saw his butt then and it look glorious in those light faded blue jeans he wore. He dragged me all the way to his pickup and gently but forcefully placed my back against the truck. He blew out a breath, angrily like a dragon. I swear if he could, fire and smoke would come out of his mouth and nose. I blushed then, and his gaze turned sharp.

“Thank you” I said softly.

He again like that night two weeks ago leaned in over me and smelled me, yet there was no grin or smile on his face.

“Kenneth is it?” he asked sharp, still with anger in his voice.

I just nodded my head in a yes.

“I don’t know what the fuck this is between you and me but it ends here, tonight, right now, one way or the other.”

“Er… what?” I said confused.

“Are you involved, are you with someone?” he asked then and it seems he hang on to his words awaiting my own.

“I’m single if that’s what you’re asking mister.”

“Good” and then he smiled still pissed but he smiled.

“If I offer you this, will you take it with everything that goes with it? Think about it, you will be giving yourself to me completely, all decision will be made by me, what you wear, how you wear your hair, I will mold you into mine and I will own you completely body, mind and soul are you willing to do that, because I don’t want it another way.”

“Um… I… Am” he placed a finger against my lip.

“Not yet boy, you need to understand, yes there would be sort of trial between us to see if things would work, and trust would need to be built. So what I’m saying is I’m willing to take a stubborn, ignorant little sub and train him. To be my boy, you will speak only when you are allowed to, my needs are important; you are there for my pleasure and I will decide when and how you will reach climax. You would be collard, mark with my ownership but only once you have earned such, I would own you Kenneth, I would dominate you in every aspect of your life, all decision will be taken from you and be made for you by me. Think about it for a week and come back to Randy’s and Daile’s bar with your answer.”

 He turned around then and stared walking away. It was like instinct, something told me and I knew then I wanted this. I wanted him, whichever that would have to be the sacrifice to be made as long as I was his and honestly the idea of being own by him made my heart race and beat so loud I was scared it was gone jump from my chest. Before he could walk away I caught his hand and his body stiffened when he stopped, he didn’t turn to look at me.

“What?” he snapped.

And I spoke, well aware of what I was saying. What I was agreeing to but the terms that was laid out before me was not important to me what was, was him and I wanted him. I’ve been fighting this the whole two weeks denying myself  to admitting that he was what I wanted that he might be the one.( now though, I knew he was the one)


He spun around quickly with an angry expression on his face almost pissed off.

What went through my mind was he not expecting it, did he want me to say no?

I would never know, I already stated Thor rarely opened up about his feeling.

“Why?” he asked.

“Because I want you,”

“You sure it’s not your cock talking?” he said angry again “I’m not up for games boy, this isn’t a decision you should make so lightly…” he stilled his voice then when I pulled his hand to my groin and placed it there so he could feel that I was not turned on, not hard.

“No, it’s not. I want this … you …to be yours, I’ve… I don’t… it… I think it will be the end of me if I don’t” I said softly.

He made a noise out of frustration and griped my crouch strongly in his hands.

“Fine, there’s no turning back at this point, you will have one more opportunity to get out, during your trail and training, but after that when you wear my mark of ownership you are mine, understand?”

I nodded yes again and now I was growing hard with his hand down there gripping me.

“I want to know something else?” he said with a husk low in his voice.

I swallowed the knot in my throat when he broth his face to mine, his lips millimeters from my own. My voice became pathetic, weak whimper.


“What you taste like.”

He kissed me then gently, just lightly. His tongue trialed over my lips, flicking over were the skin was broken before, as if making sure it was fully healed. Then he entered me his warm breath spilled into my mouth with his tong tasting slightly bitter with the mint and beer and like a man, the stable on his face now slightly longer brushed against my own and rubbed against my lips. I could feel them getting tender from the sensation, he roared into the kiss then, maybe stating his need or his lust but whatever it was he pulled me deeper in to him and I opened up allowing him full accesses to my mouth so he could explored me and tasted  me as he said.

He withdrew his lips from my own, his hand still on my now aching cock.

“There’s going to be a lot of discipline in your very near future boy, along with teaching you self-control. You’re a greedy little boy aren’t you?” he said with his lips against mine.

“Yes sir,” I said softly.

He chuckled

“Good, maybe for tonight I will be lenient as it would be our first time but don’t expect this from me again.”

I nodded and he took my hand and pulled me to his pickup.

“My place or yours?” he snapped back at me.

Our place (Pete and I) was a pigsty, well on Pete’s part, my room wasn’t messy but it wasn’t perfect.

“Boy!?” he snapped at me and had a warning frown on his forehead as he opened the door for me. I still contemplated.  He came around and opened the driver’s side and got in, I was ready for my answer when he spoke again.

 ”You have caused enough up stir to-night, flaunting your ass on the dance floor and then getting up stage and singing with that voice of yours, it’s enough to make a man commit murder for lust, and those jeans, as long as I have you, you will never wear those again. Do you understand? How you got them on anyway?” he growled at me and I blushed.

Did he like me dancing, singing, was he watching me the whole evening, again I would never know.

“Yours” I said softly.

“Sir,” he snapped.

“Your place Sir,” I said again and he drove off.

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Indie writer nothing more crazy tn my imagination though trust me you don't want to go there its not safe...
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