Anya M. Silver, you slay me!

There are books, then there are Books, then there are the ones that will rip out your heart… then there are books that will fucking kill you, mutilate your feeling so severely you don’t know what to call that shit, that is left.

I was swallowed by the darkness and it had devoured me before it spat me out, raw and gory, and I will crawl back to it again and again, because it’s so fucking good.

Anya M. Silver is new author that is going to burn the dark romance (M/F and M/M) genre with black fire, shining so bright, you will be left blinded.

The tension is there from page one, so heavy and thick it’s gripping your throat and choking you.

And I’m jealous how brilliantly good she is at it.

She is talented. She sets a tone to a story, that not many authors can do that—no matter the years of writing they have under their belt.

There are learnt talent, then there is raw-natural talent and that’s what she has, some writers work years to achieve this kind of talent and never attain it.

Her characters are strong— god, fuck are they beasts you want to have ravage and devour you, no matter how terrifying they are.

Her scenes are dynamic and vivid. You can taste the air in them, they are so well written. It’s as if time slows while reading her story, you can see every rain drop in 3D, full-rich-live-action-techno-color. I’m not kidding here. You can hear every breath, smell every drop of blood and sweat.

Some writers need to give long paragraphs to place the reader into a scene, but she is one of those writers that it doesn’t matter how much or how little description she give of a setting, the scene will always be clear in the reader’s mind and imagination.

You know that feeling you get when you read a book and you are biting down on your teeth and sitting on the edge of your chair, your breath is ragged and your heart’s about to explode from your chest, painting the wall in nice gory blood — Silver has accomplished that.

With one sentence, one goddamn sentence she made my heart break. ONE SENTENCE PEOPLE! ONE!

This book will leave you hurt, scared, devastated and fucking mutilated— poking your darkest desires and making you crave it with a ferocious hunger.

I though Raw by Belle Aurora was something good, nope, shit, I was so wrong.  Aurora can not compete with Anya M. Silver, there is no fucking comparison between the two of them.

Pure Revenge transcend anything and everything dark I have ever read. She has set the bar high and I fear for the other authors I will read next, because I doubt strongly they can compete with her.

But wait, you need to know something; Pure Revenge is written in Italian. Now saying that, how does that help none speaking and reading Italian readers to read the book.

We as reader are lucky, we live in a time where we can have a foreign language translated to us at the tip of our fingers, there are apps available that can translate entire documents. Do not let your inability to read a foreign language hold you back from reading a good book.

I am lucky, I understand Italian somewhat, but I read this book along with an app— okay now you can say that apps aren’t very respectable at translating text, and that is true, they are not— but I can say, proudly, no matter how bad the app would have translated the story, I still got a clear heart-gripping experience from this book.

Pure Revenge follows the intertwining storylines of four people;

Rev, mangled and shaped by a painful past set out on revenge. (He is also one blood boiling hot feral predator.)

Sibylle, stunningly innocent, running form a misery she can not name- until the darkness reminded her.

Jay… sigh…Jay *sniff, my heart bleeds for you!* a beautiful boy who tried to be valiant, only to be caught in a wolf’s snare and fall in love with the wrong man.

Kynk, a deadly man, as lethal as his friend Rev, trying to hold onto something precious only to be forced to end its life.

The book focuses around these four characters, but there were two others that pegged my interest.

And I hope we get to learn more about them soon.

Samael, mmm, yeah. I wanne see that demon fall for love and break his jaw while at it.

Xavian, there was something about him, something very intriguing and sexy mysterious I want to taste, really want to sink my teeth into and maybe have his puppies… and I think he might just be the Devil himself.

Splendidamente selvaggia, cuore avvincente cessione e così maledettamente delizioso avrete leccarsi le dita fuori come le lacrime strisciare dai tuoi occhi sopra il tuo cuore spezzato.

Beautifully savage, heart grippingly divesting and so bloody delicious you will lick your fingers off as the tears crawl from your eyes over your broken heart.

If there was any author I would strive to have the same kind of darkness in my own books as they, or wanted to co author a book with, it would definitely be Anya M. Silver.

Brilliant piece of fiction for a debut novel.

I hope Silver plans on having it translated into English because I can say she would definitely benefit from it and make quite a name for herself in the writing world of Dark Romance.


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