Black Honey Chapter four

Chapter 4

You turn me up in hot smoke

And you lick you’re fingers clean

And after when you’re finished

You can seek the rest of me

I give you something you will never forget

Everybody says it ant over yet,

Follow me in to the room that we slept

I give you something you will never forget

                                                                              Bebe Black – Never Forget.


The dreary silence in the car followed by his hard huffing and puffing while he drove made me all too aware of his presence. I caught him staring at me several times and each time I did he would focus back on the road pretending not to notice the grin on my face. He finally pulled up to a white house with a lovely garden.  I tried not to be obvious not turning my head, I looked around the neighborhood but I could tell it wasn’t a cheap part of the city. I got out of his pickup and he stood waiting for me on his side one hand in his pocket and a frown on his face, showing he was a little impatient but still looked beastly sexy at the same time. I stepped up slowly to him looking at him out of the corner of my eye but never meeting his gaze. I heard the central locks go off but froze when his hand came gently to my lower back. The warmth of his palm against my clothing surprised me. He never spoke a word leading me up to the front door and never let me forget his presence or that blasted big warm hand resting gently on my back. He removed his hand when he stepped past to unlock the door. The spot felt cold and empty immediately and I found myself wishing he would never have to remove it. Even the smell of him that swept into my nostrils when he stepped past was warm. The house didn’t fall short when he pushed back the front door, it smelled of him. A light flooded the front of the house as he stepped away for me so I could enter. For some reason my steps felt hard to take as I slowly placed one foot in front of the other. My phone went off just then and I cursed under my breath as the ring tone broke the silence. I sensed him flinch and take a deep breath as I retrieved the phone.  I was expecting it was Pete but no, Daniela’s name flashed. In all that had happened I never even told her I was leaving.

“Girl what’s up?  Sorry I left, I know its bad of me but I will make it up to you some other time,” I hung up she wasn’t pissed, she knew and saw who I was leaving with.

At the back of me I could hear his breath being blown out… relieved. The door clicked gently closed and I was about to turn around when I felt his breath on my neck. His arms stretched around me and he pulled me against him. Instantly I was drawn into the warm smell and heat of his hard body.  His hand glided over my shirt and his lips started kissing the side of my neck.  I took in a sharp breath to his stubble grazing my skin that sent a tingle down my spine straight to my cock. His chest rumbled behind me as I felt the tremor go through me. Then he spoke, his breath short and his voice weak. “Come,” was all he managed and he stepped forward, pulled me by the hand towards the bedroom.

Coming into the room he turned around leaned over and switched on the lights.  My face pressed to his chest and the warmth of his skin forced its way into my nostrils. The cold air smacked me across the face when he withdrew from me.  It felt almost painful the need to be that close to his warmth, too great to go without.

“Look at me,” his voice less shaky but still gentle.

I did then look up at him and stared at those green eyes. His hands came to the top button of my shirt and I stood there frozen, transfixed on his eyes in the way they drew me into him while he unbuttoned each button. His hands trembled slightly while he took care of my shirt but our eyes never left one another.  A blush crept across my cheeks when my chest was fully exposed. Shaking fingers brushed across me barely touching my flesh but by god I felt every touch like an electric spark as it ignited across my skin. The blush deepened yet I could not no, dare not, tear my gaze away from his. I swallowed hard when he tugged the material from my shoulders and threw it to the side. His hands came down on my shoulders, the warmth of his palms spreading into my skin and making their presence known in my bones. Was it magic? Maybe but whatever it was I’d never felt it before, not like this, not so intensely.

He slid his hands from my shoulders and went to the belt on my waist. A knot formed in my stomach as he worked to undo the belt and I swallowed as it slipped from my waist and the jeans stopped at my bush. His gaze never left mine then he closed the small distance between us and pressed the jeans farther down. The shear size of the man and the body heat rolling off of him made me feel that I belonged there.  The moment possessed me…HE possessed me.

I know my erection was raging hard, but not once did he look down at me. His hands instead went to my belly button and the touch there made me shiver. He gently brushed against my skin with the back of his hand rubbing it up and down.  Then his fingers went lower, caressing the pubic hair, with each light touch I felt the vibrating sensation from it. Then he grasped my hard throbbing need in his hand and gave a gentle squeeze. I gasped and arched forward when he pulled on my cock.

“Greedy, definitely greedy no doubt there,” his voice was different…not hard, strong and under control but shaky, nervous and over eager.

A thought spread in my mind and I dare not show him the grin that spread behind my eyes.

Who’s got who now, Caveman?

He gave me another tight squeeze on my dick and let go, took my left hand and pulled me towards him holding me against his frame. His lips came to my forehead and he dragged them across the skin there like I was something or someone he’d been craving his whole life that he had finally found. I could feel it against my stomach through his jeans with his need pressed against me. He swung me around and pushed me back on the bed, bent down in front of me and undid my boots and took them off. The relief that flooded my feet then was almost as blissful as his warmth.  It wasn’t long before I was stark naked in front of him, sitting on his bed with the crisp white sheets underneath me, smelling no doubtfully of him.

Suddenly he looked up, his expression blank, confused and then almost angry. I held my breath when he stood up and brought shaking hand to his face, almost pail looking, as the hand rubbed over his beard. He didn’t speak as he turned and went into the bathroom.

Moments later I heard the running of water, him splashing it onto his face and then the short silence after he drew a deep heavy breath and exhaled.  I waited, waited for him to say I should leave, that this was a mistake but those words never came. It got immensely cold in the room as I waited. I heard his shoes being taken off, the thud of them on the tiles when they met the floor. Then he was there in front of me and I looked up to his dampened face with an unreadable expression in those beautiful green eyes (I say beautiful because they were, yet he was all manly and brute-caveman, those eyes were just mesmerizingly beautiful) and he almost looked as if he was unsure of himself, unsure if I would approve and he would be up to my standards. He bit his bottom lip while his eyes took in my nakedness. I wanted to cover up and I blushed again and finally looked away.


His words sounded hurt but it also came out like a desperate plea, a need to hear my approval of him.

 I looked back at him then, transfixed in the unreadable emotions in his face, he started removing his shirt.

Remember I said he was my obsession –understatement.

The shirt he wore fell away almost too perfectly and I found myself gaping silently in the way the light of the room glowed across his tanned skin. He wasn’t hairy but smooth. The big muscled curves of his body were only intensified by the way the light played on his skin. The soft dark ring of his nipples instantly hardened at the cold kiss of the room.  I found myself biting my tongue, battling the itch to stand up and take that little nob in my mouth, so I tore my eyes away knowing he was well aware of my gaze as it trailed down his chest, down his overly large pecs and abs, tracing the deep curves of his muscle to the small light patch of hair growing up from his groin onto his hard stomach. The golden strands were only visible if the light shone on them just right. My throat went dry, yet my mouth was sloppy wet with drool. He reached for his jeans and my eyes went dark with hunger at the size of the bulge in his pants.

Honest, I’d never seen a man this turned on for me before, the feeling making me shiver, even my cock seemed more than happy the way it twitched and seemed to swell even harder.  

Looks can be deceiving but not always disappointing, may I add.

Big, no…thick and hard. So much so that it seemed he was going to explode right there the way the precum oozed out of the red swollen nob. The foreskin covered almost all of it leaving only part of the slit and head exposed.  I swallowed hard at one point, licked my lips at another and stuck my tongue out at yet another. He choked out a laugh from deep in his chest.

“Definitely greedy.”

What the fuck did you expect standing there all naked with your pants around your ankles showing your dick in full bloom drooling precum?  I didn’t say that of course.

He looked at me and he stepped out of his pants. The same hunger in his eyes I knew was in my own, the same signals of want and crave displayed throughout his body as I knew they did in mine.

“What do you want?” he asked, his voice amplifying his need.

I still couldn’t get my mouth to make words. Like a scared child I outstretched my hand to him. He took it gently and arched forward bringing his knees over me to rest them on the bed next to my thighs.  Something dripped on me and I knew what it was, my cheeks went off like a red flair.

Cursed blushing human reflex!

He pulled my fingers into his mouth and bit at the tips of them playfully. A small whimper escaped my throat and then, just to make things worse, the cursed grin had to spread over his face again. I clinched my free hand into a fist out of the pure frustration of the exoticness of his gesture. He guided my hand from his mouth and trailed it over his bare hard chest and upper abdomen. The muscle contracted and stiffen as he snuck back a breath. He leaned ever closer towering over me, his presence forced me back on to the bed. He positioned himself over my groin and sat on my dick with those glorious golden globes of his. They had to be glorious right?

 He brought his face closer to mine and I felt his cock twitch at the touch of it to my skin.

“You sure about this Kenneth,” he looked at me with questioning eyes. His voice was soft and gentle and in all honesty I think he asked it out loud more to himself than to me.

He seemed nervous and scared in comparison to the confident man he was at the two bars. I looked down at him, his body hovered inches from mine.

“Boy?”  There was no dominance, no force in that word this time.

I looked up at him and slowly nodded my head. A smile crept over his lips and I swear the darkness of lust in his eye was enough to make me cry and cum. He lowered himself on me his heavy body pinning me to the mattress and he sank his face into my neck and inhaled my scent deeply. I just laid there with him on top of me. Too scared to breath, too scared that this just might be a dream because it seemed too perfect. My arms were free, his still pushed to the side of my shoulders. Hesitantly I brought them up to his back and gently at first touched him. He flinched but shuddered against me and let out a deep moan.  He pushed himself back and withdrew slightly but brought his face inches to mine.

“This will be the first and the last!” His voice tremor darkly.

 And it was a straight lie.

He took me like this at least three to four times a week, not fucked me but made love to me and yes I’m talking about slow deep passionate love making. For the big majority of my sex life it was fucking and sucking, bang wham, pop and it’s over, but this was amorous to the point that it was frustrating. Half way through I’d wish he would just bang me till I passed out but no, he forced it. He forced it on himself to take it slow but hard, intimate and tender. It frustrated him, I could feel it in the way his body tensed at times but maybe he was trying to tell me something through it and I was just too stupid to see it as love.

He brought his lips closer and I was ready to have them on mine again but instead he went for my neck and kissed it. He kissed my eyes, my cheek, my nose…but not my mouth. My upper lip grazed his cheek and I could feel it tingle from the stubble on his face. He rubbed his own cheek over my face, then scraped his teeth along my jaw, nipped at my neck gently and then sucked hard till I gasped. He got up and pulled me up with him placing his hand on my hair and gripping a couple of strands between his fingers and he gently guided me towards his shaft. A deep and dark rumble escaped his massive frame when my breath spilled over his cock.  My hand still free, I took his balls in my right hand. I played with them between my fingers and felt the heavy mass and fullness of them in my hand.  I grasped his warm ball sack and enclosed my fingers around it and squeezed gently.  I looked up expecting a reaction, expecting his eyes to be closed and his head up in the air but no he was looking down at me. When our eyes met, a smile crept over my face, a grin equal to his own. I never looked away, I kept my eyes on him and I opened my mouth and slowly took in the tip of his massive cock. His grip on my hair tightened and the grip on his balls tightened as I tasted him. My other hand gripped him at the base to hold him steady, my tongue trailed over the swollen head, tasting the precum, tasting of him, tasting of man.

God he was thick and I mean like a salami, thick and hard!  With each suck and swallow his hand tightened and his body trembled but he kept guiding me further down his cock till I was stuffed and gagging, not like I hadn’t deep throated someone before, a couple of seconds give or take and my throat eased and I continued to suck and devour him. I even think he purred somewhere during it all. Though the taste was incredible, equally as dominant was his scent; strong, sweaty and overpowering it filled me. Never once did our eyes drift from one another, not even blinked, until tears rolled down my face and he instantly let himself out of my mouth but not letting go of my hair. He pulled me up and wrapped his left hand around me tightly, forcing me against him and came in for the kill. 

This kiss was rough and rushed, filled with hunger for me. As his tongue touched mine he groaned into it and pressed me harder against his lips. Yeah, caveman was hungry. He withdrew for a slight second and his eyes looked at mine.

“I taste good in your mouth boy,”

The sentence was half completed when he thrust his tongue into my mouth again and all I could do was take him inside, willingly I might add. His wet slippery cock pressed against my pubes still leaking precum. With a slight release I fell back onto the bed and he glared at me like a starving predator.  Fire burned in his green eyes that could burn the skin off my body and danced in the light of the room. Then he stepped back, switched off the light and went to the dresser drawer, retrieved something and came back. I heard the click of a lube bottle open and the squeeze of the bottle, then felt it fell next to me on the bed. He leaned, half arched over me supporting himself on his right arm. I knew what was coming so I spread my legs and tilted my ass up to give him better access. Expecting the lubricant to be cold, it wasn’t it was lukewarm He started to rub with two fingers around my hole and I shuddered at his touch. I held my breath and waited for the first finger. Nothing came, no pressure, just the gentle rubbing of his two fingers over my rim as he caressed me. As he leaned in closer and brought his lips close to mine his breath spilled over my face and I breathed in the beer and mint smell.

At the same time his lips touched mine and his tongue entered my mouth I felt the pressure of the first finger pressing to my opening seeking forceful entry, it slipped in surprisingly easy though he didn’t force it in further. He just held it there for a couple of minutes, kissing me but also not really kissing. Seems he held onto that moment as much as I held on to my breath. I pushed back on his finger and he growled in to the kiss, like actual growled like some kind of animal, it was fucking hot and it clearly drew my attention away from him starting to finger me, up until he brought the second finger and pushed home. This time it wasn’t gentle it was rather shoved in hard. My back arched up and my head dropped back breaking the kiss and I gasped at the burst of pain. Instantly he brought his lips to my neck and kissed and grazed his teeth against my Adams apple. He sucked the skin there, massaged it with his lips tongue all while he twisted and turned his two fingers inside me.  Every so often he’d spread the two from one another trying to loosen me up. The sensation drove me wild with need and hunger for the man’s touch and the desperation to feel him inside me, to be that deeply connected to him. A third finger finally followed and his head dropped lower taking in my left nipple the sensation made me gasp and a word spilled from my lips at the same time.


He just chuckled against my chest and sucked in the nipple applying pressure around the skin there, I knew it would leave teeth marks. The sloppy sound of his three digits entering me and sliding out only made me aware of what was coming.

Everything stopped in an instant as he let go of my nipple but did not retrieve his fingers from my entrance. He simply spoke stating clearly what was to happen next.

“I need you boy…now!” and at the end of that sentence filled with short breaths on both our ends.

He pulled his fingers from me and I heard the wrapper of a condom being torn open and pulled out, the squirting of the lube slicking up his fingers again and slid on the condom.

He came to rest with his knees between my legs, pushing them wide open and leaned over me positioning himself with his cock at my opening. I knew it was there, the warmth coming off his warmest part stated that much. My ass burned, the need in me gnawed at my gut to have him impaled deep inside me. He placed his hand on my stomach and steadied me as he pushed. Once his cock head touched my entrance, slowly and tenderly he pushed himself inside. I gripped his forearm hard when he slid in his pole prick.

“Easy there boy, just breathe.” I did through my teeth, biting down on them. He filled me slowly and blissfully till he was buried deep inside me. He crashed on me then as if his body was exhausted from that simple yet intimate motion. We laid there, him on top of me trying to catch his breath, his face shoved into my neck and shoulder. The air he blew out sent a different sensation over my skin and the hunger ate at me and I felt like I was burning to a cinder by our connection. His skin broke out in a sweat and I felt the damp skin stuck on my own. My mind was in turmoil trying to comprehend, trying to understand what the bloody hell this was. Why he had such a strong effect on me, not just mentally and physically, but in my soul. Why I so desperately needed him. Needed him to own me, hold me, make me part of him and be a part of every aspect of his life. Those where the thoughts that raged in my mind. Ok, yes I was a hopeless romantic but this was just dumbstruck out-of-whack.

“You ok?”

His voice was thick in his throat as he withdrew from my neck and brought his hand to my cheek. It was dark in the room and though I couldn’t speak I nodded my head in a yes, whether he could see or not I don’t know but it was as if in that moment I agreed to him, agreed to myself that this man Thomas, was the end of me, our bodies seemed to understand each other better then we could. I never gave it too much thought, I was too scared to get hurt because I knew I was pouring everything into this, I think our hearts understood it too.

He brought his face to me his lips softly brushed over mine and my breath spilled into his mouth and with a groan he devoured my lips in his. His tongue slipped into my mouth and then he moved slowly inside me the bed protesting when his massive frame moved. I was allowed to touch him, my hands allowed to roam free and touch every inch of his heated skin.  I know now from what he taught me subs were rarely, if ever, allowed to touch but I was in the instances he made love to me.

Each thrust was drawn out slowly and pushed back in. His body muscle rippled to my touch when I grazed my fingers over as much of him as I could before I burst into flames. He did not once speed up his thrusts it was just that continuing motion slowly in and out and fuck, I felt every inch of him as he moved inside me. Our bodies became sweaty, the windows even fogged up yet, he continued to make love to me his entire form pressed against me. The friction as he moved on my cock stimulated me and made its own wicked mess as my dick drooled. My legs wrapped themselves around him and my hands managed to reach his ass which was slightly hairy as I felt the fuzz caress my fingers. Gently I stroked it, felt the muscle contract and become hard and then relax as he pushed inside and pulled out of me. My hole burned not from pain or the mere thickness of him but from the need and the feel of him there. It stretched from my hole to my groin into my cock, up my spine and to my stomach and I swear a new fire burned in my soul knowing Caveman, Big Tall and Beastly had me from that moment, he owned me and I belonged to him. 

He continued in his love making to me for what felt like hours. All while his lips and tongue possessed and dominated my own. His arm flexed to the left side of my head the bicep bulging when he gripped my hair in his hand. The smell of the sweat that came off his armpit made me groan. My hands never left him and I left scratches on his back and ass the way my nails dug into his skin. My need to have us both reach climax reached unimaginable levels of frustration but he was determined. I don’t know if it was because it was our first time but this memory was burned like him into my mind, into my soul and in my heart. He finally broke the kiss and I knew it was time because I felt his body stiffen, his muscles contract, his grip on my hair tighten and he pulled my head back. As he came he screamed wildly into the skin of my throat trying to muffle his own cries of pleasure. His body jerked a couple of times and I felt him shudder against me. His breathe course, his chest rising and falling against mine, his heart drumming loudly in his chest so hard I could feel it beating against me. Shakily he raised up off me and let go of my hair. A shaking hand reached around my cock and he moved again, the torment of the friction on his sensitive dick showed clearly on his face and his body shivered but he endured it while he stroked me slowly, building my climax and not long after, the volcano blew intensely. My hips rocked forward and he slammed hard into me as I spilled. I’m a silent screamer so no sound escaped my lips as my cream shot out and over us. He continued to milk me till I was numb.

 He crashed next to me breathless as drained as I was. I still saw stars in my vision when my eyes drifted closed. Don’t ask me how but he managed to pull us under the covers, his head came to rest on my chest, this big massive man curled up to me like a small child and I gloated in my sleepy haze, bending over and placing a kiss to his hair. His hand took mine and pulled it to his lips and returned the tender motion, then gently rubbed his thump over my knuckles still holding on to me as we drifted of to sleep.

Coming back to reality, it shot through me like a bullet. The pain in my chest hurt. The emptiness around me felt like cold glass cutting the fibers of my soul and left my hope shattered. Though I fought it, the tiredness and the dreaded thought…

Thor. Is. Gone.

Whatever we had was lost, taken away from me. The man that showed me kindness and love like no other had, is gone, forever! It played over and over in my head as I cried silently, whimpering as the cold void gripped my heart.  I lost the battle to exhaustion when the heartache overtook me. Crying silently, I fell asleep.

Slightly warm sunlight prickled against my cheek and I thought Damn it Thor, so much for letting me sleep in, it’s Saturday.



 My eyes shot open and images flooded me of the past two days. I felt sick to my stomach and I felt the sour taste and vomit made its way to my mouth and before I could prevent it I gag over myself.

“Shit fuck Kenneth!” Pete struggled to get up half a sleep, half aware that I was throwing up.

My hand shook brutally and uncontrollably as the shudder took hold of my body. I tried to breathe but no air came to my lungs, I gulped hard for it, like someone having an asthma attack. Strange reaction shock, how it differs from person to person. I eventually heard Claire’s voice and then Bailey’s but not what they said. The darkness came then and swallowed the world. I welcomed it with a smile.

My eyes fluttered open when the cold sprays beat down on me sending my body into jerking shivers. I could breathe this time and I was naked. Pete holding me on the arm, the sprays continued to wake me up.  I struggled and twisted to get away from him only making me slip and fall ass down in the shower.

“Kenneth! It’s gonna be okay.” He ran his hand over my back in circular motions.

“Don’t touch me” came my own dark voice. But persistent Pete ignored, and continue to rub my back.

“I said don’t fucking touch me. Leave me alone.”

I literally spat the words out like they were some poison in my mouth while glaring at him angrily.

He looked hurt, but he nodded got up and left. I sat there in the shower ten minutes, twenty minutes, I don’t know time had no meaning to me in those moments. I drew my knees up and dug my finger into them so hard I swore I was drawing blood all while the cold shower washed away my tears as I cried. Crying for him, for Thomas, the man I loved. The man that now is gone, dead or one of those things.

Coming out of the bathroom I could not face them I could not face any of them.

“Peter I’m sorry,” I said, standing dead still listening to the silence that was now everything we knew.

“It’s cool Kenny, breakfast?” He walked past me and bumped my shoulder like my past episode in the bathroom was nothing.

“Sure,” though I didn’t feel like eating. I didn’t feel like anything.

The thought and the pain still to raw inside me and it struck me then, like a lightning bolt. Pete’s feelings became clear. Thor was what I thought I had left, the last person I cared about and I was all Pete had left. His actions, his determination to keep me alive. I understood them far better now than back in the car.  I made my way into the kitchen, the silence still hanging in the air. As I sat down staring at the plate of scrambled eggs in front of me, the smell of toast and butter on them, I closed my eyes and dreaded my own words but they needed to be said.

“Peter I owe you an apology and I owe you a thanks.”

Like I said, he wasn’t gay but the gesture in his actions surprised me slightly, he reached and squeezed my hand.

“I know Kenneth.”

His voice didn’t fall short of the emotion in it. I knew Bailey was crying and Claire tried to hide it behind her hand. She stood up and went for the bathroom. Morning sickness? But I suspected it was an act. The emotion in the kitchen at that point was intimidating for all of us and maybe just a bit unbearable for some to face.

I wondered when the power would go out and five days later it was dead. The silence before was deafening but now it was just creepy. We continued to sleep up in the attic, yet no signs of the infected, no signs of other survivors. On the one side it was killing me that neither had come our way since Chihuahua zombie and and his dog friend attacked us but I guess it was also a form of relief. I was in the kitchen taking stock. Yeah, actually taking stock of our supplies of food. We were down to the canned goods, the water was still fine but we needed other supplies and I needed some proper clothes as well. So I set out to go find Pete. He was at the car also checking stock, we kept ready in case something happened and we needed to leave in a hurry.

“Hey” he looked up when I came to lean against the car.

“Hey,” I dug my sneaker into the grass and kicked up some weeds.

“We kind of need to find some supplies Pete,” luckily with him there needed to be no smooth talking I could just say it as it was.

“Kind of figured that much,” he sighed and dug his hands in his pocket and looked up at the sky.

“Was actually hoping to wake up in my bed, knowing that this was just some really really fucked up dream.”

A sarcastic laugh followed his words and he went quiet.

“So do we all go or just the two of us?” I asked looking out over the pale grass land.

“It’d be pointless to leave the girls alone here and then again, taking all four of us into the city might be risky.” He walked around and came to stand next to me also leaning against the car.

Slightly warm I allowed my body to soak up the heat. Winter was close, almost around the corner and snow would start falling in November. I took in the dead stillness of the world in front of us, almost beautifully haunting and yet disturbing, I don’t think any of us would get used to it.

“I think Pete this is a decision we all should make together, I just wanted to come ask your opinion first.”

He nodded at me in gratitude and I walked away but halted my steps, I didn’t look at him when I stated the obvious but he needed to know.

“Claire’s pregnant,”

“She’s what?” I could hear the distress and shock in his voice.

“Pregnant Pete, promised her she will have the baby and we would take care of them.”  I still didn’t turn to face him and he didn’t approach me. All I heard was an “O…Kay” from him and he must have turned back to the trunk of the car. I shrugged my shoulders and let out a sigh, hoping this wasn’t going to set off another fire bomb between us. It just seemed emotions were sky rocketing and then plummeting to a cliff hanger before completely descending to the low. This was hard on all of us as individuals and as a group. I swallowed the bitter feeling down and bit back the tears for him.  No matter how many I would shed it won’t bring him back. The collar around my neck was all I had, the last physical remnant of him. I would reach up and touch it just feel it against my skin, yes it was painful to be reminded every time the collar tugged around my neck when I dropped my head or moved my neck but it also brought forth the warmth of his memories of us together and of what we had. 


The road was as deserted as expected. We packed up, deciding together it was easiest to keep moving till we knew we found a place, safe enough or where Claire could have her baby. The drive to the city was short but I think all of us were a little on edge and nervous. We stopped the car just at the edge of the city, fires still burning, smoke still coiling up and painting the air gray but the silence was ambient, terrifying. The deadness of a city is enough to shatter your bones. Every squeak, crack or pop made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end.  If that wasn’t enough, my blood felt like sludge going through my veins my heart drumming away struggling to keep the blood pumping.  Blood stains, puddles and smears were everywhere. Half eaten corpses, intestines and stuff that looked like regurgitated human parts lay on the ground.  The smell was sickening and flies and maggots had already started feasting on the remains. I wasn’t sure how long our stomachs would hold. I was already prepared to dispose of my baked beans that I had for breakfast, it felt like they sat just at the back of my throat. The same thought kept playing over in my head, where are they? Could they have depleted the city’s population so quickly and headed up farther north?  Moving in slowly with Pete gripping the shotgun, me gripping a spade, Claire with the baseball bat and Bailey with a cutting knife attached to a broom stick, we entered deeper into the city.

“Remember the first convenient store we find is enough okay, if we don’t have to go deeper into the city I’m all for a hell yeah getting the fuck out of here,” I whispered my words as softly as I could. I didn’t have to though everyone knew the plan I just wanted to make sure we were on the same page.

The crunch of glass came sharp through the silence when someone stepped on it.  The sound approached from the back of us so I knew it couldn’t be one of us. We all held our breath, a small shadow walked closer. From around the corner of a building I could see the little pink dress, the tiny pink shoes and then the sad little voice.

“Mommy… where’s my Mommy?”

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