ME… you want to kow about me….

I’m an indie writer. This blog’s sole purpose is for your gory enjoyment. Now, I know there will be errors, grammar and spelling mistakes, trust me I’m not perfect. But I wasn’t planning on even writing this. I just popped into my head like every other crazy idea dose that I seem to get and when I start writing and  I lose myself.

So with this story, I didn’t want to do research for the sole fact, I want to see how I would bring across my own views on an Apocalypse.

This story or novel or whatever the hell you want to call it, most likely won’t get published. Unless you’re a publisher and happen to stumble on to it, and want to take it into print- contact me.  I’m using it as a learning experience and also who know (maybe get some new fans).

All comments and advice are always welcome

Love and hate Wulf.

More on my web page:

The authors note: please comment,  feedback is always appreciated.


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