Open day shenanigans with Alexis Woods

Please welcome new up and coming author Alexis Woods

You are a new Author, tell us a bit more about yourself:

Oh… early forties, happily married for almost eighteen years. Have three beautiful children (seriously, they were even born beautiful) ranging in ages from 13 to 9. They keep me hopping. I work part-time as a pharmacist for a small independent that I love. Many of my customers have followed me store-to-store, and I value those personal relationships the most. I’m a natural flirt so the silver foxes love me. I love to dance and sing, although I’m terrible at both, it’s all in fun and I don’t mind the teasing.

What made you decide to pick up writing, and why M/M?

I avidly wrote poetry in my youth. I was all for the dark and dreary and I never really thought about writing a story, although it’s how I usually fall asleep at night, always have some running storyline in my head to drift off too.  When last year’s call from Goodreads for story prompts went out, it set the ball rolling in my mind. I sent in my prompt and then wondered if I could do write a story. I wrote Opening Day and had it beta read by Jonathan Penn. During the process he decided to throw his hat into the ring and picked up a “lost” prompt, and then I did the same. Been writing ever since.

Since I immersed myself in reading M/M, it was kind of inevitable that I write in the genre. It’s super sexy to me, and hot! My imagination runs wild while I try to make it all believable.

Favorite genres to read?

Just about anything except zombies. (Sorry, Wulf. I did manage the first chapter of your Black Honey.) Fantasy and military are my favorites though.  I was/am big fan of Conan, Forgotten Realms/Dungeons and Dragons, and Percy Jackson (Rick Riordan), but also the Kildar and Paladin series (by John Ringo), and I’m devouring SE Jakes’ Men of Honor series. Combining the genres has great appeal for me. I love MM contemporary stories too, as long as they are plausible.

How does your writing process work, what inspires you to write a story, and what had inspired you to write this one?

Themes inspire me. A snippet of song or line of thought, holidays, time of year. I love writing to picture prompts and have been dipping my fingers into Flash Fiction recently.

Not really sure how I stuck on the idea for Opening Day, but I suspect it all started with “the bases.”

Favour Horror Icon?

Ugh. Actually I steer clear of horror movies whenever possible.  But I’ve seen the classics The Birds and The Fly, and the first Hellraiser. I’m a vivid dreamer and I try to avoid stimuli that would probably give me nightmares. But that doesn’t answer your question… I’d have to say Dracula,  the vampires are just a cool phenom. Maybe because I’m a bit of a night owl, maybe I just like to bite.

If you could be a gay man for a day you would….

I’d try to discover if gaydar is for real, probably end up at a gay bar, find myself a stud, hold hands, kiss in public (ignoring all the stares) and have mad, passionate sex. Then I won’t be dreaming…I’ll be living.

Biggest influences:   

Life, work, writing?  Too vague, love. There is never just one influence in life. My father for pointing me towards pharmacy. My mother for all her help growing up writing papers. My husband for allowing me this new passion even though he shakes his head at my antics. Having a great support network of author friends. No one person more than another, all equally hugged (virtually or for real) in thanks.

They have just announced the zombie apocalypse is upon us, what would you do?

Easy, pick my axe and schlagger (a heavier type of fencing foil) off the wall and start killing. I hate zombies… Can’t even stand to read about them. Sorry Wulf, I know you have mad love for them.

Oh…and just so you know I’m not lying:

bows and axe

(hoo those look awesome!)

Fav author of all time (I don’t count) 🙂

This is a tough question, but I’d have to say Mercedes Lackey. She is one of the few authors that I have read so many her books. I love her world-building, the Heralds of Valdemar being my favorite. She also gave me my first exposure to M/M, but it was almost another dozen years before I truly discovered the genre.

Anything we can look forward after Opening Day (Southern Jersey Shores #1)?

That’s easy. Evading Exodus, (SJS #2) as I mentioned above as the sequel to Opening Day will be available at the beginning of April.

Religion often plays a marked role in my stories, although not in an overbearing way. If you’re a member of Goodreads (and kept up with Love’s Landscapes), I’ve got an unpublishable story there about two twin Jewish boys, and last winter I wrote Lion’s Hero, for the Boughs of Evergreen Anthology about an angel and a Jewish man coming together during Chanukah. April marks the start of Passover and is the backdrop for Evading Exodus. This story is a bit longer at 16k and is told from Darren’s point of view. Darren, or Dare, as Ace comes to call him, worries about their relationship when an old friend of Ace’s arrives in town, and it just so happens that that old friend is also one of Darren’s exes. Friends and family join together, braving the plagues of Exodus, riding out the waves of miscommunication and discomfort, understanding and pleasure to brave their future together.

Following Evading Exodus, will be Ultimate Summer, book three of the series, to be released at the beginning of summer. It’s focused on two new characters, but Ace and Dare make a cameo appearance.

Lots of works-in-progress. I’ve got at least two other short stories planned: a series short story based on the Lion’s Hero world matching an angel with his human “half” during Chanukah, and book 4 of SJS, back with Ace and Dare. Maybe Goodreads’ Don’t Read in the Closet if I can find an Alexis-worthy prompt. Plus, I am currently working on what I hope will be a novel length M/M/M romance backdropped on solving a cold-case murder.

And, of course, working with you Wulf.

Author Bio:

Always an avid reader and colorful dreamer, it was only a matter of time before taking pen to paper, oftentimes literally. I sing under my breath, tap my toes and swing my hips, much to the delight of my coworkers and friends. I’m a firm believer in every song tells a story and every story has a song, so each story I write has a song or theme, sometimes both, behind it. I freely admit that becoming a romance author is the best mid-life crisis a girl could ever have.

Alexis cover

Release Date: March 1, 2015

Blurb: When pharmacy manager, Aaron Lark, known to his best friends as Ace, is dumped by his latest boyfriend, he decides to step back from the dating scene. What he doesn’t expect is for the blue-eyed pharmacist, Darren Goldman, to step into, and rock, his world. Bonding over beer, brownies and baseball, Ace and Darren play a game where hopefully both end up crossing home plate as winners.

A scene from Opening Day:

“So…tonight?” I asked, turning back to Darren once Steve had left. He was sprawled out in the swivel desk chair, in a pair of tight blue jeans, his ample package on full display. Oh… This man was very smart. And sexy. I eyed him hungrily.

“West coast game. Doesn’t even start till after ten. What’s the game plan?” Darren smirked at his own joke. Game plan? Oh yeah, I could work with that.

“Hmm…you want dinner at T.J.’s again? We could watch the game there or back at my place?” I hoped he’d say my place, but I didn’t want to seem too forward.

“Yeah…dinner, then back to your place. It’s gonna be a long night, and a couch sounds a lot better than a bar stool.” His eyes heated when he mentioned the couch. Elated, I barely stopped myself from jumping him right there. I placed my hands on the chair arms and leaned over, trapping him. He watched me wet my lips, coming closer, but I went right and placed my mouth next to his ear.

“Game on,” I whispered.

Were to stalk her.

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