Editors: what are they worth?

A very Important point Theo made please take a read he is a exceptional experienced editor well in my opinion that is.

Theo Fenraven

You’ve written a book. You’ve had it beta’d, you’ve gone over it yourself several times and fixed all the obvious garbage (typos, punctuation, awkward sentences, etc., and if you haven’t done this, shame on you), and now it’s time to submit it to a publisher. Or perhaps you’ve decided to self-pub. Either way, your manuscript needs editing.

If you go with a publisher, you get this service for free. Well, their cut of your royalties pays for that, but you don’t suffer money out of pocket. A manuscript will usually go through several edits before it’s pronounced ready for the next step. Remember my novella, Blue River?  Betas went over it. I went over it. I didn’t think DSP could find anything wrong with it.

WRONG. Their eagle-eyed editors caught some things, and one of them was important. That manuscript went through three freaking edits! Three! I was humbled…

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