Neon White Episode Three


Coming next week Wednesday we’ll finally learn Raven’s fate and if things should be for the worst what will Bla’Gar do, seek revenge or…

Neon White Episode 3


The phoenix stood over the Raven, scorched sand as far as the eye could see, the heavens burning with a dark flame.

The phoenix glared. “What has been, will become present. What shall be, will become memory.”

The little Raven threw back a taunt. “Life and death are locked together in an infinite circle, spinning and chasing one another, forever trying to catch up.”

“Uroboros.” The phoenix laughed. “Your curse is your salvation.”

Before its final moment the Raven pushed out a whisper. “Death was not mine, it was never for me, only the beginning of my tale.”

With a scream and flick of the phoenix’s wings, the world blinked out of existence, white neon consuming all that could see.

All that remained was a faint childlike chant, wandering on the hellfire breeze.

“Taste life, little Raven…drink from its tit…so beautiful, so sweet, and ever so dark.”Neon white E3 cover


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Indie writer nothing more crazy tn my imagination though trust me you don't want to go there its not safe...
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