Black Honey. Chapter Twelve

I’ll stop the whole world… from turning into a monster

Eating us alive

                                –Paramore – Monster

Chapter Twelve

The night after Randy and Daley got engaged, Thor came home announcing I should get dressed. If it wasn’t for his cheerful tone I wouldn’t have expected anything. Raising an eyebrow I turned and went to the bedroom. He came up behind me, kissing me on the back of the neck causing my breath hitch.

“Wear something nice, boy,” he turned me around, bent forward and undid the chastity belt.

Okay, something was definitely up, “Define nice, Sir?” He looked up at me. God, when the man smirked like the devil, I was weak in the knees.

Standing, he said, “Make me proud, Kenneth.” and captured my lips, giving me a light slap on the ass. Tinging with after glow and heat bubbling in my cheeks, I turned to the cupboard and froze.

It’s tonight, he’s going to give me my collar! Raced through my mind. My heart beating a little faster, and with clammy fingers I slipped into a sky-blue dress shirt, back then, it sat tight against my skin.”You better get some pants on before I spank your ass and fuck you, Kenneth. Stop teasing, boy.”  He barked, but there was all playful in his tone, I complied wiggling my ass at him.

“It’s your ass, Sir. You can do with it what you want.”

He came up behind me, he’s semi pressing against my ass, and wrapped his thick arms around me hugging his body against mine.

“None of that tonight, baby,” he whispered in my ear, “just Kenneth and Thomas, okay.”

We stood for a moment, his warmth and smell seeping into my clothes. I knew I wasn’t getting my collar, but then what was he playing at? Never, since I became his boy, had we done just Kenneth and Thomas. It was always boy and Master. And baby… something was majorly up.

He pulled away from me and I reached for my slacks, Thor had them made for me, slim fit as he preferred, “to accentuate my legs” fuck that, it was so he could see my ass in tight pants. Finally, with my dress shoes on, I stepped into the living room. My man was seated in a suit looking sexier than Mr. Bond could ever be. His long blond hair darker, making him appear slightly older. I like it. Grinning, I step in front of him.

“Am I good to go…”I hesitated, but forced it out, “Thomas?”

He looked up, staring at me, but his mind was somewhere else.

I frowned treading closer, if it’s no Master and boy tonight than he is definitely going to see my boyfriend side. I placed my hands on either side of his face, “Thomas, is everything alright?”

He shook his head, reached for me and pulled me into his lap.

“Everything is just perfect.” He pressed his lips to mine and yeah, total surprise there allowed me to kiss him. I slid my tongue against his lips slowly entering his mouth and savoring the taste of freedom he’d offered me.

He chuckled, “Still a greedy boy, but I do say, I like it. We have to do this more often.”

But we never did.

Thor pulled me to him and rubbing his forehead against my chest, holding me in his lap.

I felt a really mushy moment coming on, I held my breath when he spoke.

“You and I, Kenneth, the relationship we share is different.”


“What do you mean?” feeling concerned, my heart started to race in my chest, and he snuggled in and held me tighter. Seriously, he was going to leave wrinkles on my shirt if he’d kept that up.

“You’re not like the others, the subs I had before. You…” he kept quiet for a long moment. Leaving tension hanging in the air.

“Thomas, talk to me, you’re scaring me here.” I whispered and pressed a kiss to his hair.

Still hugging tighter, he said “I allow you freedom, Kenneth, something I would never even consider with another sub, and it scares me how much I crave your touch. I want everything with you, and when I say everything I mean everything. I’ve already set up a contract for you to sign that will make you my inherited when I’m gone.”

“Wait, what!” I shook him, literally really hard. My heart now hammering in my chest, my voice tight when I asked, “Thomas, are you sick, are you…” and the tears started falling.

“Kenneth no, Oh god, baby. I’m sorry, didn’t mean it like that,” he sat up and pulled me to his chest, my tears mashed against his white dress shirt.

“Don’t! Don’t you fucking scare me like that, Sir!” growled, tightening my fist cling to his shirt.

I love you too much.

I never said those words out loud, I couldn’t, because until that day I never knew for certain how he felt about me. But like any other time, when he was about to open up, he froze dead cold.

“C’mon, we’re going to be late.”

I stood and straightened my shirt, and he held out his hand for mine.

“And where exactly are we going?” I said when he wrapped his big finger around mine.

He grinned, like the devil again. “Meeting an old friend of mine, we’re going to join partners and start a new firm. This is big, boy, and I need you to be on your best behavior in front of his wife.”

I nod and we made our way to his pickup.


“What do you think you are doing?” he growled when I snatched my hand from his tight to swipe the prickle on my nose. He was persistent that whenever I was with him in the car, my hand should be on his leg and he’d thrown a bitchfit every time I’d take it away.

Placing it back where it belonged, he grunted his approval. I turned, gazing at him, the red hue to my cheeks not only from the wine I’d had during dinner with Smith and his wife, Debbie, but from looking at this cave-man-hunk that was mine. All mine.

It went well, I played my part and now it was  a matter of Thor and Smith sinning paperwork for the two firms to join.

“What?” He asked quickly glancing at me, then back at the road.

“Noting,” I giggled. “Remembering the first night we met.” I said in a low voice, knowing it was the alcohol talking and encouraging me.

“Yes and…” he turned into our street, I waited to answer him, until he’d pulled up to the driveway and turned to me.

“You are going to answer me, Kenneth?” he sneered, teeth reflecting white from the over light on the porch and eyes draw narrow.

Undoing my seatbelt, I leaned closer, pulling my lip between my teeth.

“You had me from the first night Mr. Caveman, and I don’t want to belong to no one else.”

Thor swallowed, his Adams apple moved under his skin. And me being the little shit I am licked him across the chin over his lips and nose.

He growled, grabbing for me, but I was already opening my door and his seatbelt pulled tight.

“You little fuck!” he roared, when I climbed out and turned, wiggling my eyebrows at him. Yeah, I was poking the man and asking for some serious punishment.

Closing the door, I moved to the front door, hearing the drivers’ side open and close the central locking going off, and heavy footsteps growing louder behind me. I had reached the front door and pulled out my set of keys when he touched me.

“You aren’t going to pull the bakkie in?” I asked, feeling his big hand clamped on my shoulder. —Bakkie is what I’d call a pick up back home.

He growled, snatched my keys from me and spun me around.

Thor breathed down at me, a fuming expression on his face, and at that point, I thought I had crossed the line. Honestly, it was all only meant to tease him, can’t a sub have some fun at least? I thought the whole point of being the prey was to be chased?

“How about I fuck you right here? So that everyone can see?” he said in a dark, bitter voice.

“Sir, I’m sorry.” I whispered and looked down. “I didn’t mean to upset you, I thought it was an innocent game of tease.”

He touched my cheek, the smell of whiskey on his breath when he spoke.

“Close your eyes, and give your Master that beautiful mouth of yours, boy.”

I shuddered, breath-fucking-less as he ate at my mouth, tongue thrusting past my lips and he growled wrapping his arms around my waist backing me against the door.

Heaven is what it feels like when the man kisses me, my toes would curl and the world becomes a distend unimportance, there is and will always and only be my Master.

He pulled away, my cheeks turning pink when he leaned in and sniffed me like a dog.

“Need you, Kenneth, in ways I’ve needed no other sub before.” He whispered into my ear, grinding his hard bulge against mine “Want you inside me, boy.”

Holy fucking shit and sweet mother of god.

I could not breathe.

“You-you want me to fuck you, S-sir?”

He grunted and pulled me in for another kiss.

We had barely stepped past the front door and my shirt was ripped open, buttons zooming in every direction, his warm hands touched greedily at my flesh, pinching, exploring and stroking until he grasped a nipple and pulled.

Hissing in the dark, he covered my mouth, his fat warm tongue tasting me and I moan into his mouth.

“You taste incredible, Sir.” I whispered in a huff.

No warning, no nothing, the big giant picked me up like I was a teddy and carried me to the bedroom.

Seating me down on the bed, he steps in between my legs. The light were off, but the moonlight from outside amended silver shadows over his face and I could make out a grin.

I close my eyes at the moment, reached out and wrap my arms around his meaty waist, pressing my face against this hard stomach.

“Thank you for making me happy.” I said into his shirt.

The man froze. A tight voice speaking above me “Do I really make you happy, Kenneth?” I pulled away, clouds must have moved in front of the moon because neither of us could see each other, but I knew I was looking into his eyes.

“Yes, for the first time in my life I can say that I’m completely happy, that being with you makes me happy.”

I could hear him swallow in the stillness of the night.

“Do… Do I make you happy… Thomas?” I asked, my voice shaking, scared of either answers, and of what they might and might not make me feel.

“More than you will ever know, my boy.” His warm fingers brushed my cheek and I leaned into his touch, placing a kiss to his hand.

“Want you, Sir, want to touch you.” I begged, my cheeks heating, “I want to taste your ass, Sir.”

He growled, fisting my hair and pulling my stands so tight my eyes watered.

“You can have any part of me, boy.” He crashed his lips to mine.

Yeah, but the biggest part in question was, could I have his heart. Could I own it as much as he owned mine?

He let go and started undoing his shirt, slacks and kicked off his shoes. He moved to a dress retrieving something, a flash sparked in the room from the light of a lighter lighting a candle. Casting a dancing flame over us.

I held my breath as he turned, dick hard and the candle light, eliminating his muscled lines in a silhouette.

God, my Master was beautiful. He moved toward me and the bed. His cock bobbing up and down, his upper leg muscles flexing under the skin, light dancing against the blond hairs on his thighs.

I liked my lips at that image, always did.

Watching him, my cock already aching in the nut crushing tight pants, Thor came to lay down on his stomach next to me.

“I’m all yours boy… just…” he falls silent.  A nervousness in his voice. “Haven’t done this before Kenneth, not once.”

You can imagine, me sitting there having my Master-Dom tell me he wants me to fuck his virgin ass. Completely shocked and fucking nervous.

Placing my hand on his back, I ran my fingers over his massive muscled back, I spoke softly.

“Sir, we don’t have to do this I’m happy to, but—

“I asked you, boy, and you will!” he growled, glaring back at me over his shoulder.

Nodding, I try to hide my grin from hearing my Dom being a bossy bottom.

Gently I traced my fingers over his firm ass, feeling the soft bum hair brush against my palm. I snaked a finger between his cheeks, feeling the warmth radiating from his anus. He took in a sharp breath, when I rubbed my digit over his ring and undoubtedly he was clenching his fist. Hell, I know the anxiety associated with getting your ass fucked for the first time. Leaning forward I brought my lips to his ass cheeks gentle whispering a kiss against them. The man went and fucking froze. Scrunching his glutes and trapping my hand.

“Sir,” I whispered, running my left hand up and down his lower back, “you need to try to relax. I’ll be gentle, I promise.” And he knew that, but I also knew the psychological effect this was having on him. This would change me, change us. A magnificent and powerful man, used to being in control, restrained so he could offer his ass to his boy. That had to cause some mental blow to his Dom ego.

I kissed his left cheeks this time, “You have a beautiful ass, Sir.” Is said, my voice low. I only received a grunt from him and proceed to lick over the left cheek, tracing the dimple his ass made as he clenched and flexed them again.

Pulling my hand from between his cheeks, I gripped each globe in hand and slowly spread him for me.

“Going to take you to heaven now, Sir.” I smirked, felt him move, but it was too late, ’cause when his words came from his lips they instantly turned to a low hiss from swiping my tongue down his crack. My Master body trembled. Slowly I circled his hole, his breath increasing and the little ring clinching, I had to put force in my hands to keep his cheeks apart.

Unhurriedly I pressed my lips to his closed opening, kissing him sweetly and yeah, the caveman moaned loudly.

“Goddamnit! Why did I deny myself this?” He said coarsely.

I didn’t answer, only growled and scraped my teeth along his sanative flesh, giving him no time to take in the sensation, and started sucking and lick on his hole.

He grunted, groaned, pushing himself up off the matters and smashing my face between his cheeks, bringing up his knees under him and giving me full access to his sweet delicate Turkish Delight. It wasn’t long before my tongue made its way past his ring and I started tongue fucking my caveman.

He was huffing and puffing—trying to blow the house down.

Pulling away, his breath stilled and the bristly voice utter “What?” Sounding disappointed.

I brought my finger to his wet opening and tapped lightly on his ring, causing a full body tremor to go through his frame.

“You fucking little —” I tapped my finger again. “Kenneth, fucking please!” He grunted, face pressed against the sheets, ass in the air like one hungry slut bottom.

Slowly I circled his ring with the tip of my finger and pressed into the nub. His muscle clenched as I pushed deeper. Working my finger in, inch by inch as his hole contracted and relaxed repeating the muscle tremor again when my finger was as deep as it could go. And then, I started fingering the man, his voice was silent and my pants nearly socked from my cock. Working in the second finger, Thor growled, hissed when I worked in the third in and quavered when I felt him finally relax around my digits. I didn’t want to stroke his prostate, not yet. I wanted that little magic button to blow his mind fucking sky-high. I pulled out and stood undoing my pants. My cock must have sighed from finally being free, because I almost shot my load from that simple action. Stroking my angry dick, I said in a shaky breath, “Not gonna last long, Sir, and I’m fucking leaking.”

“Boy,” he snapped, “stop talking or I’ll replace you with one of your fucking dildos! And fucking screw the lube, you little shit!”

Grinning, I gripped his hips, digging my fingers into his solid flesh and brought my cock to his hole. The wet bum fluff glistens in the light of the dancing flame.

“You asked for it, Master.” I said in sadistic tone and started to press into him, only my cock head slipped past his ring when he clamped up.

“Shit!” I hissed. He was fucking tight. Thomas snapped his hips forward pulling my cock from him.

Turned and laid on his back.

“Come here, you!” he commanded.

I crawled between his legs, placing my hand on his beefy chest, feeling the rush of his heart, beating against my palm.

Our eyes met and he reached for my cock positing it at his entrance.

“Get in, boy!’ he demanded, pulling me and my cock against his ring.

I saw his heated eyes glaring up at me, making the fucking fire in my gut shake. Slowly, I pressed into him, feeling him clamp around me again, gritting his teeth and nostrils flaring, but not once did he close his eyes.

His warmth was intense, his tightness clutching, not letting go as I filled him. His chest gleamed in the light of the candle as he broke out in sweat.

“Sir,” I gulped, when I was swallowed by his ass, fully imbedded deep inside my Master.

“Now, fuck me, boy.”

I pulled out and pushed back in, my arms juddering on his chest from being inside him, my breath shallow and fast as I moved.

Half though, he was yapping and snarling at me, eyes almost glowing, the next thing I knew the world twisted with his legs around me, arms wrapped around my torso and me being slammed against his warm slicked skin. I was on my back with Thor sitting on my cock.

He fisted my hair and my cock slide out from him. He roared against my lips. “I said fuck me, boy!” and drove his tongue in my mouth, in an angry, heated kiss. Caveman went fucking primal! It was expected. I didn’t trust him to give over control. He couldn’t, not for too long. Breaking the kiss, he hissed, “Spread your legs for me, baby!”

I obayed only to hear him spit in his palm and stroke his cock, he didn’t stop or hesitate positioning himself at my hole and then pushed in.

I screamed, only to be muffled by his mouth, his tongue fighting mine, his fist back in my hair, as he tried to shove tongue down my throat. The burning pain eased quickly. It wasn’t the first time he had fucked me dry, and I fucking loved it. Still huffing into my mouth, he slowly pulled out and thrust back in, hard. My whole body shook from the force of him and feeling the power in his trust. Again and again and before I knew it, I was moaning and meeting his thrusts as he fucked me. Faster and harder with each penetration. Sweat dripped from his forehead onto me. His mouth still cruel in its attempt to devour mine, his grip tightening in my hair and his body jerk. He pulled out, leaving me empty and aching for him to take me that way again. ‘Cause fuck it was some animalist hotness.

He was standing at the edge of the bed, stroking himself, his heated eyes on me as I laid. His face contracted into angry snarl and he threw his head back, holding out his hand coating his palm with white thick cum.

On shaking legs, his body muscle still rippling, the fine lines of muscle straining, the beautiful beads of sweat on his chest glistening, and his eyes like live wires—hungry, dark and wild.

He came for me, took his cum covered hand and coated my cock with his cum. I hissed at the sensation of warm seed and his large palm on my dick, and whimpered when he took it away.

But the caveman-beast wasn’t done, he had to climb on top of the fucking bed, standing over me and lower himself, grip my cum slicked dick and fucking sat on it!

“Sir!” I gasped from the thigh heat as he impaled himself to my balls.

That sound coming from his lips like a deranged, wined animal could only mean one thing—say hello to your love nut, big guy. Leaning forward, he took my wrists and placed them above my head, clasping them in his left paw, grasped my jaw and growled before taking my lips again. Fuck even bottoming, he had to be a Dom. Thor began to move on my cock, slowly at first, steadily growing with rhythm, eyes rolling back in his skull, pounding himself hard with his own hot-sauce for lube.

He was granting into the kiss, and each time I hit that little spot his body gave a shook. It wasn’t long until I felt my balls pull tight.

He pulled back, growling in a tenor that made me shake to my core. “Give it to me baby, give me your sweet, beautiful cum!” And slammed himself on my dick, crying out as I emptied into his clenching hole, gritting my teeth as the pleasure and pain took me. My eyes straining, spunk hitting me in the face, chest and neck. His hole clamping around my shaft and forcing the last of my cum out of me. The man collided on top of me, breath heavy.

“Sir,” I whispered, still trying to catch my breath.

Shhhh, Kenneth, just let me be… here with you in this moment, skin to skin. Please, baby.” Here in my arm was a man who always took, never just received. And again the thought crept up on me, I would give anything and everything for this man, for my man. A slow cares with a slide of a single finger I ran a slow circle around his waist. I could feel the slight tremble and my cum trickling out his hole when my cock softened. I delicately placed a tender kiss just below his chin, then took his left hand, lifted it to my lips and pressed it to my mouth. I was so ready to tell him, but mortified at the same time. I could not face the world if he rejected me so  I kept quiet. Thomas gathered me in his arms, held me close to his still heaving chest. Nothing more needed to be said, the gesture spoke for itself. Quickly with his heat wrapped around me, his lips against my neck, the sound of his breathing in my ear, I fell asleep.


I awoke that morning with a sense of dread in my heart, a heavy hold that something about the world felt wrong. The sky was darkened, the air blowing across my cheek, stepping outside, felt off, well, except for the rotting smell of the dead. The wind blowing in my hair felt different. The moans of them— we decided to call them The Feasters — beyond the wall was new. It sounded honestly like they were in pain or that there was more of them. Ever since we got here, I haven’t ventured close to the wall, never once seen one of them, and only heard them from time to time.

Looking around me there was more mud than snow and it hit me, that it’s getting warmer, winter is slowly fading away and the ones that are left will be hungry if not more aggressive.

I turned when a groan roared, echoing in my left ear, only to come face to face with a gray rotting face, milky eyes covered in growths. A substance pooled out of the Feaster’s mouth in black bubbling and thick ink. It gargled causing more of the black stuff to come out. The smell— God, the smell— my throat burned from smelling it and my eyes pooled watery.

Jerking  from it, I fell in my attempt to get away and the thing lunged forward. After all this time, how could I have forgotten how fast these fuckers were!

It was so reckless, so quick, when I felt it bite into my leg, but thanks to the extra pair of denim I had on, it couldn’t bite through the martial.

Mrs. Parker’s zombie face flashed before my eyes. This time it wasn’t sneakers, but hard steel soled of an army boot. I brought my right leg and kicked the front end of the boot hard to the soft part of the Feaster’s skull. Its head lurched left, the throat ripping open from the rotting meat, exposing its spinal cord, the root like growth still keeping the head somewhat attached.

I pushed myself up on the mud and bring my boot down on its skull, hearing the soft pop of brittle bone give way and watched my boot sink into icky-yuckiness that was its head.

It wasn’t over it  was only beginning. The second Feaster was slumping slowly towards me, its jaw yapping like an uncontrollable nerve defect. But my eyes caught the other Feasters stumbling out the front entrance, my eyes growing large from the flood of Feaster spilling out of the building. But how they got in and from where, I didn’t have time to question it. We were surrounded by reinforced wall around us and beyond the wall was who knew how many more Feasters.

The first scream from inside the building brought me back to reality, as the second  putrid Feaster came closer, arms outstretched with chewed off fingers reaching for me.

I sidestepped and ran for the back of the bundling, where none of the Feasters were. My heart pounding the same way my feet stomped into the muddy ground as I ran.

A second scream echoed off and I recognized it belonging to Grace. Coming to the door, I froze, staring at it. My hands and legs shaking with the one though crashing and ripped through me— you can’t save everyone. I had to trust that they could fend and make it out on their own. What I could do however was save those along the way. I reached for the door and swung it open. A Feaster coming out, its mouth so ripped open at the seams that its jaw just hanged and swayed, black rotten teeth, half missing. I took a step back ‘cause another was behind it.

I look to my left, spotting the building Dr. Collins laboratory was set up in. I B lined for it.

Tears burning in my eyes, knowing I might lose some of my family, I might lose all of them. Coming to the steel door, I pulled it open just enough to squeeze through. My heart slamming away against my chest and blood drumming in my ears. My eyes glaze over the low orange lights in the makeshift laboratory, its quiet and no movement. Slowly, placing one muddy step in front of the other, I circled the hanged sheets set up to make a sort of hospital wing. By the second one, my heart stopped, there was red blood stain on the curtain. I could hear a gurgling and something was kneeling over… a body. Pulling skin from the corps’ stomach. I was about to pull the curtain away when a hand clamped over my mouth and pulled me back. Spinning around, blue misty eyes met mine.

His right hand is pressed to his neck, and blood soaking into his white coat.

Wearily he motions for me to keep quiet, and removes his hand from my mouth.

My eyes went to the wound on Dr. Collins neck again and I reached for it, but drop my hand when he shook his head. He steered me away, the sound of bones snapping, creaked through the room as the Feaster bites into its kill. I fucking shuddered.

“Kenneth, listen to me.” He whispered winded. “The tunnels, they must have come from the tunnels.” He leaned forward, pain clear in his face. My heart broke for the docket.

‘There’s something I need to give you.” His hands shook and twitched wildly as he searched his cluttered desk.

“What is it doc, tell me?” I whispered for the first time.

“I made a vaccine.” He breathes and cough. It didn’t matter, the Feaster was too engorged in it killed to be bothered with us. He pointed to a piece of paper. I frowned, but said nothing pulling it, only it wasn’t just a piece of paper, but a blueprint, and I laid it before us. The desk was too small, littered with equipment to place the full parchment on it.

He jabbed with an unsteady hand, smearing blood against the print. “There, that tunnel will lead you out.” His breath is wavering and his eyes struggled to keep focused.

He tried to stand, but stumbled and I caught him around the waist, “Easy, Dr. Collins, you should sit.”

He shook his head, a sob escaped him, I wasn’t sure if it was from the pain or from the inevitable of death and what now comes after.

“The fridge,” he said, cough and pointed to the medical refrigerator. There was a chair close to it, where I place him down and turned to the fridge “Second… second shelf. The one with the red… caps, son.”

Before bending the glass door, I took the only four vials with red seals on them, the liquid inside was an ominous watery green-yellow. I was about to turn when he said

“Syringe and needles on top.”

I froze and panicked, but really, what else did I think was going to happen, we couldn’t transport the ampoules and then we would need to find another doctor or medical vicinity that could make more, run trails and… my brain was short-circuited and I knew then I was going to be the guinea pig.

I snatched a hand full of syringes and needles tuned and bent in front of him, placing the vials delicately to the side and dropped the sealed up syringes and needles next to it.

I could barely hear him speak. I leaned closer to his mouth, feeling his weak breath on my ear, “One every second day, ‘til all four are administered, there’s a med pack against the wall…”  he went silent, but still breathing, “… next to it, a portable charged carrier case, it will last you ten days, I’m sorry, Kenneth. This is—

“Doc its ok,” I interrupted him, “I understand someone has to do this,” but he shook his head.

“Your blood is most compatible for the trail, I just hope, son…” his hand slipped from his neck, a breath blown from his mouth and his body fell forward and crashed into me.

I sucked back my sob, pushing him back on the chair and stood. My eyes going over the room to an operating table from where I grasp a hunting knife and returned to him.

Staring at the lifeless body of the man who has given us, maybe our last hope. At least I could give him something in return and stop him from becoming a Feaster.  Holding his for a head, I closed my eyes, pulled back my arms and with as much force as I could, drove the knife in the soft part of his skull, I cursed having to do it a second time as it didn’t go in deep enough.

Gathering the vials, I heard the door creak open, turning I almost dropped one, when Randy burst through. Black and red blood overs his neck and splattered against his army vest and jacket. I suck in a painful breath. I could not lose him.

Coming closer, his eyes fall on me, then on Dr. Collins.

He was panting hard, his massive chest, raising in quick breaths.

My eyes reached his and I shook my head, tears already blurring in my vision. The words escaped my lips.” I can’t, Sir. Not you. I can’t lose you.”

The fucker winked at me. He fucking winked! Stepped up to me and wrap me in his arms, crushing me against his big grizzly frame. “I ain’t bit, boy”

Angry at him, I slammed my fist to his chest.

“Dick! Fucker! Don’t scare me like that. I care too much about you.”

He only pulled me tighter. He smelled of the death and sweat, but I hugged him back.

“Sorry, boy.” He said and let go. I turned and bend, opening the carrier case and placed the vials , making sure I have enough syringes. And snapped over my shoulder. “Grab whatever, Randy. Antibiotic, pain meds. You know the drill.”

Standing, I pressed the button on the LCD panel on the vaccine case showing a fully charged battery. It was heavy, but it had to come with us. I placed the case in the backpack.  Holding it out for Randy to drop in bottles of meds, band aids and disinfection into the backpack. I knew Doc said there was a first aid kit in there, but you could never have enough of the stuff.

“How are we getting out,” Randy said hurriedly, “the fucking things just came up from the basement!”

“I know,” I said in a huff, closing the backpack and slipping over my shoulders.

I stepped to Doc’s desk, pulling the blood smeared blue print and held it out for Randy.

“There’s one tunnel we can use to get out.”

He glared at me, “And what if those fuckers are down there too?”

It a chance we have to take, do you think we can save anyone else”

Randy opened his mouth and the door burst open Claire and Daniel coming in. I look past them but no other person fills the doorway.

“We need to get out of here!” Claire said loudly rushing toward us, with Daniel hands clasped tightly in hers. The Feaster growled, and all of them turn in its direction.

“It’s only one of them, it killed someone not sure—” The sound of an assault rifle’s round being blow off cracked through the morning air.

Randy was already walking to where the growling was coming from.

Motherfuck!” he shouted and I heard the slice of steel cutting into bone and flesh. Again, “Motherfuck!” The same sound followed, only this one sounded fresher.

He stepped around from one of the sheets. His eyes like demon’s angry and hateful.

“Fucker got Cory,” he spat. Swiped at his cheek and stared at the floor.

I turned to Claire pushing my emotions way down, ’cause now was not the time to lose my shit.

“Is anyone else still alive that we can save?” I asked.

Her eyes gazing into mine, tears falling, but the silence remained between us like a sharp guillotine. I nod, knowing my best friend is gone. Bialey and Grace is gone, and whoever is left will have to fend for themselves.

I clasped Randy’s hand, he flinched, trying to pull away. I growled at him. “Don’t you dare, you stupid ass, you’re stuck with me, got it, Sir?” He glowered back but lace his thick fingers in mine and squeezed.

I should be breaking apart. I should be crying, but nothing is inside me except the determination sizzling in my blood to save what is mine and get to safety. I will mourn Pete I will mourn Bailey and Grace, but right then we needed to fucking survive.

Stepping outside the Feasters were spread out, I had handed Randy the blur pint, for me being dyslexic would only take us in the wrong direction.

“This way!” he storms out and pulls me along with him, running to the back of the third building that was too corroded for us to use as a living space. We come to a boarded up hole against the side, none of the Feasters had followed us and I gave a sigh of relief. It was only then that I saw both Daniel and Claire had backpacks and Claire had my fucking machete!

Keeping back my snarl and jealousy, I stepped up to help Randy get the boards loose. But he stopped me, “Keep watch, Kenneth, I need your eyes, boy.”

I turned, spotting Claire holding out my machete, a Feaster is approaching slowly.

Gimme!” I said coming up next to her.

“I got this” she argues.

I shook my head, ” No, babes. You have to save your strength for the little one growing inside you and I made you a promise, so give,” I held out my and narrow my eyes.

She gave. Fuck yeah! I got my bad boy back! And just in time as the Feaster started to do its lumpy walk faster. It was time to see if what Randy taught me for self-defense actually got stuck in my brain, then again, I was Kenneth Steel, Bad Ass Zombie killer.

Stepping up to the Feaster, I couldn’t make out if it was male or female from the decay in the face as the hairs had all fallen out, but I recognized it was a she from the one beast fully exposed and wrinkled, a massive black gash on her shoulder. She lunged forward with a long drawn out GRAAAW! I simply step aside, kicking her against the legs and tripped her forward watching the Feaster fall face first in the muddiest soil.  I swung my blade, hearing it cut through the air. On impact the shock wave trailed up my arm and jolted in my shoulder. But the top part of her sculpt was cut clean off, exposing the brain like it had been dissected horizontally. The Feaster slumps dead.

A muffled cry from Randy drew my attention from the second Feaster coming closer, there were more behind it, but they were too far away.

“Hand me a flashlight.” Randy shouted.

I saw the black stick sitting in Clair’s back pick, and reach for it so we didn’t have to waste time for her to first take the backpack off. I stop, however when she snapped a stick and the thing glowed, and tossed it down the Randy sized hole.

I had to smirk, “Clever girl.”

She gave me a sad smile that only reminded me of Pete, Bailey and Grace. And Emma. That memory still haunts me.

“Ok, come down,” Randy said, and we let Claire climbed down first, Daniel had been quiet, but he was always quite not saying much. The memory of his mother was on his face. I could see as he nervously stood with lips pressed tight. I took his forearm. The Feasters were creeping up in us quicker now.

Gently I instructed him where to place his hand, until Randy had him wrapped around the waist and he was pulled in, I passed my backpack first, uttering out for them to be very careful. Claire, complained that it was heavy. I didn’t have time to respond when I heard their snarls, not a couple of feet away from me and the images flash in my mind of that day, Randy found me, how close I had come to almost being a Feaster myself.

Finally, on my feet down in the tunnel, I smelled the most air and earth.

“We need to move, they found a way inside the safe zone, it won’t take long before they climb down here.” I said.

We move treading with Randy in front, Claire and Denial be him and me facing the way we came, just in case.

It’s not long until I heard the moan down in the tunnel, and at the same time I felt a cool breeze blowing against the back of my damp neck.

Dammit, the wind blowing in was caring our sent straight to Feaster.

“We have to move faster,” Daniel said.

And I agreed, who’s to say that when we reach the exit there won’t some blockage in our path.

Luckily the path to the exit was one single straight stretch. Finally light was up in the distance and blurring lines. As we came closer, I could make out the steel bars. They were rusted but not thick.

Randy let loose a string of muttered curses when he kicked against the bars and they did nothing more than stood still. He shoved his machete in the back of his pants and grasped the middle bars and started to push and pull. I knew he was trying to bend it so we could squeeze through. He grunted with each pull from his arms as they trembled when he placed strength into it, but the bars didn’t seem to move. Grasping Daniel’s hand, I said “Daniel pull, buddy, as hard as you can.” And placed them right under Randy’s left hand, mine above of his.

“One-two-three!” Randy gritted out through clenched teeth and we pull as hard as we could, our joint efforts moved the bar maybe an inch and the Feasters were getting closer.

“Again!” I rush out not giving heed to how winded, I was sounding, how the panic seeped through my voice and we pull on three again. It felt like the rusted steel was cutting into my hand, burning my palm and I wouldn’t be surprised if my palm was raw.

Randy became red in the face, the veins on his neck bulging and the ones on his scalp stood angry and prominent. We stopped and again we repeat the motion, but Daniel had let go huffing out a “Sorry,” Randy and I paid no heed to him or his words as who both let out an angst roar to put in more effort, and the bar bent to the side. I look stared at it. It was big enough for us, but not big enough for Randy.

He scrunched his face and turns, grasped Claire on the backpack and pulled her to us, “Get through, baby girl” he said.

Removing the bag, she tossed it outside and squeezed through, then Daniel’s bag and him, he was the only one that simply slipped past without difficulty. My gaze turned to Randy.

He bit his lip, looking back at me, my heart was pounding away in a fierce, violent rhythm, but his eyes were saying goodbye.

I shook my head. “No, big guy, no! I’ll help you bend it more. C’mon.”

I try to reach for the bars, but he grasped my hands, pulling me to face him.

“Babyboy, you listen to me and you listen to me fucking good!”

I stared at him through blurry vision. He cupped my cheek, pressing his forehead to mine his breath smelled, he fucking stank and I knew I don’t smell any less.

“I love you, boy. You will take care of them!” Randy growled and smashed his lips to mine, pressing his tongue into my mouth. I don’t care what he tasted like, kiss him back equally as fierce, because I was leaving a part of myself here with him.

He pulled away and I rasped out, “I love you, big guy,” ’cause the last time I said goodbye, I didn’t say it, and sure as hell won’t let that happen again.

He kissed me again, quick and at the same time removed my backpack and pulled away holding it out for Claire. He turned his back to me, but I couldn’t let go and throw my arms around his waist, hearing Claire sob from the back of us.

“Tell Thor and Daley, I love them.”

“Promise,” he snivels, and my heart fucking shattered for the how-manyeth time.

He pushed me off “Go, Kenneth. Now!” he barked and Randy ran back down the tunnel screaming and yelling for the fucking Feasters giving us some time to get away.

I watched him being swallowed by the black dark further down the tunnel. My throat burned, my chest pulled tight and I could feel the world blur as the onset of a panic attack came over me, but fuck it! I push it back, blindly pressing through the bars only to feel two hands, taking mine, and lead us further away.















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