Black Honey Chapter 11

(I apologize for the delay on this its just been a week from hell and each time I sat down to edit, something comes up and needs my attention. Part two of chapter 11 coming next week Tuesday, or ASAP if I can finish it sooner btw I’m not happy with the flow of this so I will try to correct that too)

Chapter 11


Days feel hard-earned

Night grows longer

Summer says its goodbyes

And darkness covers

We find shelter

Our own place to hide

As the light goes out

Thoughts turn to angels

Over us

As the night comes in

Dreams start their drifting

And you hear

A lullaby

A lullaby

You and I

-One Republic-Lullaby


(Part one)

Randy walked along the narrow corridor, Cory a head of him. They snuck away from the rest of the group when everyone went to rest. Randy felt exhausted, the desperation for a warm shower called to his aching muscles.

Entering the bathroom, Cory stepped to the side and leaned casually against the wall. There was a battery operated spotlight on the window sill, it had to be adjustable because the light didn’t shine blindingly bright.

“Leave. I need to take a shit and a piss,” Randy said and turned to face Cory.

Cory chuckled, “I don’t mind, honest. Do your business, I’ll help you to clean up,” he raised an eyebrow, bearing his teeth and the half smirk Randy wanted to smack off his face.

Randy narrowed his eyes and stepped up to the arrogant prick, placing both hands to the wall on either sides of Cory’s head.

 “How about you drop to your knees and I feed you my piss?”

Randy stared into Cory’s brown eyes. He hadn’t done watersports in sometime. Most subs didn’t enjoy it, but he and Daily did, and if they found one of the rare subs that was in to it boy did they make a mess.

“I…” Cory stuttered, breaking eye contact. He turned his head bearing his neck like a lower ranking wolf would do.

Randy leaned in close bringing his lips inches from the man’s skin.

“Didn’t think so,” Randy barked.

“All hard ass till it comes to it.”

Randy leaned closer and licking a wet trail along Cory’s throat, he could hear the man’s breathe stagger.

“All big mouth until they need to serve.”

Randy scraped his beard against the wet skin.

“Just like the other subs.”

Randy made sure his breath spilled over Cory’s face. God how it must stink.

Cory tried to swing back his head and meet Randy’s eyes only for Randy to place his open palm forcefully against the exposed side of Cory’s face keeping it where it was, and Cory didn’t even fight him.

“Don’t, play games with me. I’m not nice when pissed off. Got it?”

“You want this big boy, I know you do,” Cory said but his words were muffled as Randy pressed the ball of his palm harder to his cheek.

“Sure I want it.”

Randy gripped Cory by the shirt and rocked him hard against the wall. Some dust crumbled down along with a grunt from Cory.

“But not because I want you,” he spat the words Cory’s face.

“Because my dick needs to fuck something, got it ass hole?”

“Yes sir,” Cory replied.

Well that slipped out too easily. Randy’s smile twisted his lips to a cold curve. Cory made his skin crawl and yet there was an attraction, and Randy hated the fact he was attracted to him. No man would, or could, take Daily’s place and he wouldn’t let another go there. He would rather deal with the empty hurt than have another man come that close to his heart again.

But Kenneth? He kissed him, Kenneth was different. He shared as much of Randy’s heart as Daily had. Randy knew he wasn’t in love with the boy. He cared for Kenneth far more than he would for other subs, but was that only because of his promise to Thomas? Randy knew the more time he spent with Kenneth eventually there’d be more than physical attraction. He could love Kenneth in that way but no one else. No other man, ever again.

He stepped back releasing his grip from Cory’s shirt.

“On your knees,” Randy demanded.

Cory slowly sunk down to one knee, his back sliding along the wall, and brought the other down along side it.

Randy went to work removing his belt.

“Got a nice view earlier didn’t you,” he pulled his belt from the loops causing the leather to snapped through the silence.

Cory swallowed but there was a hint of excitement in his eyes. It might have been fear but Randy didn’t give a shit. He was horny, the kind of horny he didn’t want to unleash on Kenneth. He wanted to fuck like an animal and he knew Kenneth, being with Thomas, hadn’t been exposed to that kind of sex. Thomas might have been cruel in his method of play but when it came to fucking, especially Kenneth, Randy knew there was only love behind Thomas’ thrusts. Thomas shyly admitted that to him and Daily. True words that Daily spoke, Kenneth changed Thomas, but Randy begged to differ. He felt it himself, Kenneth brought out a protective and caring side from the men he allowed close to his heart.

God Randy stop thinking just fuck, Daily’s words echoed in his mind. He hissed as he opened his fly and his beast practically jumped out half limp and arching downward from the weight of the PA.

He never struggled with an erection despite his age, but his body just wasn’t up to it. They’d been living off scraps, scrapes, candy bars and canned food that had most of their nutritional value boiled out of them. He couldn’t blame his cock for not playing along when he didn’t have the sufficient fuel his body needed to sustain itself. Though that didn’t diminish his need to cum.

Randy’s pants dropped to the floor, Cory looked up at him and his fingers twitched at his side. Randy raised an eyebrow.

“Wanna touch?” He stared hard at the man. Cory licked his lips and moved his head slowly in a yes.

“Not gonna happen. Open your mouth slave.”

Cory complied and closed his eyes. Randy gave him a quick flick on the ear.

“Look at me!”

Cory did and Randy gripped his cock at the base, wishing he had a cock ring. He made due with tightening his grip. Cory was attractive. Those big brown puppy eyes were glorious with want.

Enjoy the moment, lover. Daily would whisper behind him and likely run his hands up, down and in between Randy’s ass. He might even have gone down and—

Cory’s lips closed around Randy’s shaft, a million tiny bolts shot off over Randy’s skin. The shirt and jacket he wore suddenly felt uncomfortable and strange, and yeah his cock was hardening from the warm mouth. Cory never once pulled back, gently he sucked and worked Randy’s cock to the back of his throat and back across his tongue. The suction was slow and placid almost loving fucking torture.

“Harder!” Randy hissed and gripped Cory’s head and thrust forward. That sure made the fuck gag. God he loved that sound. Randy looked down and forced himself down the man’s throat. Another gag reflex and he pulled back. His cock released from the Cory’s lips coated in saliva, some trailing down Cory’s chin and the poor fucks eyes were big and watery.

“You want more salve?” Randy teased with malice.

“Yes sir, please sir.”

Randy guided Cory’s head back to his dick that was now fortified in its need to cum. Cory quickly swallowed Randy, and this time Randy moaned to the sensation his dick was receiving. It wasn’t long before Randy could feel it down to his bones. The handsome man knew how to work his mouth, but it had been too long since Randy had a tight ring of muscle around his prick. Daily never bottomed, you don’t even go there with him, not even a pinky.

Cory snagged for breath when Randy pulled out of his mouth, the fuck even moaned his displeasure.

Randy gripped Cory by his necklace and arched forward, bringing their lips close. Cory looked back into Randy’s cold blue eyes, his tongue lapped at the spit on his lips. Those brown eyes begged Randy to take Corey’s scared lips. Randy smiled, licked his own and inched closer, opened then closed his mouth and pulled back.

Cory blinked, his eyes wide and confused. Randy let the smile play on his own face and turned his back on the man. Walking to the center of the bathroom, he turned, faced Cory again and took off his jacket and shirt.

Cory still sat on his knees dazed, a miserable expression on his poor face.

“Thought I was going to kiss you?” Randy grossed. “I don’t kiss slaves.”

Hell he didn’t kiss period, but Kenneth? Again he pondered back to that moment a couple of days ago, his tongue sliding into that sweet mouth on a whisper of a taste that made him feel what… nothing? Sure he and Daily kissed. Hell he wasn’t even sure he was gay till the day he met Daily and even through that, he struggled to come to terms with who and what he loved. He pushed the thought aside and focused on his need. Snapping his fingers to the open cold floor in front of him.

 “Crawl to your new master,” he kept his face stern and cold.

Cory hesitated and Randy let out a growl. The man offered himself openly, displaying his lust for Randy and now what?

Cory placed his hands on the floor in front of him and started to move slowly.

“What fucking shit is this?” Randy snapped, walked up to Cory and gripped him by the hem of his shirt. Bending down he brought his mouth close to the man’s ear. “I say crawl, you crawl slave!” Randy pushed Cory down to the cold floor planting his boot on the man’s back and pushed down. Again Cory didn’t fight him he stayed as low as his body would allow him to move his limbs. Randy walked back to the spot where he stood before and glared at Cory. His eyes were down, shoulders slumped and moving or attempting to crawl.

None the less, Randy groped his dick and stroked, never letting his eyes off Cory. Only once did the man dare to look up at him and Randy reveled in it, even moaning to the humiliation in the man’s eyes, he got off on it. Finally, when Cory managed to crawl to Randy’s feet he stopped but dared not move.

“That was fucking pathetic, if things were different I’d make you do it again and again.” Randy sighed at his own words. If things were different, yeah, he’d be married by now. Be on some honeymoon. He’d have Daily, Kenneth would have Thor and as fucked up as the world was back then, it still would be better than this.


Randy glowered at the man by his boots.

“Hands behind your back, ass up and cheek on the floor,” Cory complied, however was hesitant to place his cheek against the cold, dirty floor. Randy lifted his right leg and pressed his boot into Cory’s upper back forcing Cory to place his face against the floor. Randy bent and quickly brought both hands down on to firm solid ass. Cory gasped as the sting sound resonated and bounced across the room.

“When I tell you to do something, you do it,” Randy placed more force in his leg and pressed his shoe’s sole into the man’s back. He knew Cory was well built, maybe even be better than him, but right now he didn’t have any desire to play with the man’s body only use his hole. Taking a step back Randy walked over and picked up his belt. The nice thing about it was it was a Hobble Belt. It had two metal rings in it which meant he could intertwine the belt through them and use it as restraints binding Cory’s hands. Kenneth and Thor had got it for his last birthday.

He gripped one of Cory’s hands around the wrist and forcefully secured it in one of the hoops behind Cory’s back, then secured the other hand along side it fastening the belt in place.

 Randy reached around Cory’s waist undoing Cory’s belt. Cory lifted his ass and gave Randy better access so he could undo the buttons to Cory’s trousers. He slid a hand in between Cory’s legs and wrapped his fist around Cory’s thick cock.

The man ground, then whimpered when Randy rubbed over a large warm head.

A wetness came away when Randy pulled his hand back. The man wasn’t just hard he was leaking. Randy reached the back of Cory’s pants and pulled the waist down with the briefs exposing two pale white and black haired globes.

Randy couldn’t help but smile and slap his palms firmly against the flesh gripping Cory’s ass cheeks and kneading them roughly with his finger. He was aware of Cory’s sharp hiss and increase of breath.

Randy spread Cory’s cheeks exposing a pink hole. He let out a glob of spit, it strung and stretched from his mouth landing in between Cory’s cheeks. With his thumbs, Randy worked it around giving a glazed look over Cory’s hole. He dripped more spit as he slowly but forcefully worked his fingers everywhere but the round little ring.

“You need to relax,” Randy said softly, but not giving Cory the time. He slid the tip of his thick finger into Cory’s hole.

“Fucking shit!” Cory hissed and his body jerked when Randy started to play with the ring of muscle. Randy massaged and teased it with his finger till Cory started pushing back on Randy’s digit causing it to slide in deeper. He worked a second and third finger in and Cory was practically begging in whimpers and moans. The lack of lube was going to make it bad on Cory’s end. Randy stood back removing all touch from Cory’s ring. He stood and watched the man lay there ass in the air, hands in fists, sweat on his forehead and eyes closed, his face still pressed to the floor.

“Condoms? I don’t want to catch some unwanted shit another left in your ass.”

“I’m clean sir,” Cory said.

“Yeah well it’s been sometime since I had a test done, so either we get a condom or no fuck—”

“I don’t care,” Cory pleaded, “I want you too much sir, and make me forget.” There was a slight hint of sorrow to Cory’s voice.

“Well that states things clearly, if you’re this desperate it just shows how big of a whore you were in the past. Doesn’t leave me with much confidence to trust what you say.”

“No, not a whore sir,” Cory went silent for a couple of breaths. “You. I wanted you from the moment I saw you, no one else.”

Both kept quiet when finally Cory sighed heavily, “Left pocket sir.”

Randy reached in and rummaged until he found the foil wrapper and pulled it out. “Don’t suppose you have lube,” he said gently as he tore the condom wrapper careful not to damage the condom itself. He noted his hands were a bit shaky.

“Bottom left pocket sir, it’s not much.”

Randy again searched for the lube finding a small packet in Cory’s pocket. He spread a small amount into his palm and rubbed it over his prick, his hand were still jittery. He gloved up taking care to tuck his PA against his cockhead so as not to puncture the condom. As he rolled the condom down over the PA something Kenneth said haunted his brain…”souvenir, safety blanket.” That’s likely why Kenneth didn’t want to take his collar off, because he wasn’t ready to let go despite the fact that Kenneth tells everyone to do exactly that.

Ridding his mind as much as he could of Kenneth, he focused on the ass in front of him.

Placing one boot on Cory’s back the other just behind the man, Randy rubbed the last of the lube on Cory’s hole. Randy bent his knees making sure he was steady. He positioned his dick at Cory’s entrance and bore down.

As Randy forced himself past the tight ring, he had to close his eyes from the sensation of the muscles embracing his cock and Cory’s whimpers as he entered him. Cory shuddered letting out a hard breath and Randy stilled for a second.

“Want me to stop?” He pulled out the couple of inches he was imbedded.

“My dick too big for you boy?” He pressed the same amount back into Cory.

“No,” Cory said through clenched teeth.

“Then fucking take it!” Randy growled and in one thrust slammed into Cory burying himself to the balls. He cried from his own throat breathless and unprepared for the warmth of Cory’s ass. Cory’s groan or grunt was distant in Randy’s mind as sensations clogged up his brain. He removed his boot from Cory’s back and repositioned himself on his knees behind Cory aware that the action made his own dick turn and twist inside the man.

“You’re all hard ass, you piece of shit,” Randy hissed pulled back and slammed back into Cory.

“All so you think you can get my attention,” Randy grunted when he pulled back this time digging his fingers against Cory’s hip and started fucking the man.

The room started to fill with primal grunts and cries from both men as Randy plowed in and out of Cory with no mercy. To say that he was ruthless was putting it mildly. Randy went at Cory’s hole like he was drilling for oil. Sweat bored down Randy’s back and torso dripping from his forehead and chin. He didn’t stop to swipe the droplets away that hung and tickled his nose or burned his eyes.

His cock ached as his balls drew up and his ass clinched, he was so going to explode.

A noise at the door distracted Randy and as he looked up the sight startled him, but then he smiled seeing Kenneth’s pink cheeks.

“You wanna watch boy?” he growled.

Kenneth’s eyes went from the sight of Cory’s bound hands to Randy’s drenched body.

The boy swallowed hard, shook his head and said no at the same time.

“Just…” Randy sneered at the tight bulge in Kenneth pants. “I was worried about you.” Kenneth whispered.

Randy smiled warmly at him.

“Off you go then sweetheart,” he said the words loud and gently making sure Cory heard the difference in his tone.

Obediently Kenneth closed the door behind him as he left.

Randy gave a couple more thrusts and fell on Cory’s back as he felt the release shake through him. He reached for Cory’s head, pulling him back and slammed their lips together. Maybe it was the intensity of not cuming in such a long time or it was the attraction, but the kiss had surely been different than the one he stole from Kenneth. Cory’s scarred lips and mouth gave everything as Randy claimed them in a rough kiss. Scraping his teeth against the man’s jaw, he pulled out and slid off the condom and tied it off letting it drop to the floor.

Quickly but gently this time, he worked Cory’s wrists free from the belt. Red angry marks sat around his wrists where the restraints dug into his skin. Randy pulled Cory’s limp body against him folding his arms along with Cory’s around the man. Cory dropped his head back against Randy’s shoulder, his eyes closed and his chest heaving as he caught his breath.

“If you want my attention you’re going at it the wrong way slave.” Randy whispered in Cory’s ear and tightened his hold on the man. Cory said nothing as Randy held him and massaged the man’s wrists. They stayed like that for a long time till the cold in the room started to make them both shiver. Randy stood, pulling Cory with him to his feet.

“Get undressed and join me in the shower,” Randy commanded.

“Wow.” Cory huffed and swayed when Randy let go of him. Randy reached for the man to steady him.

“Easy there,” Randy let go of Cory but didn’t step away.

“I never thought… wow,” Cory reached for his dick. Randy grabbed both his wrists and spoke sharply in Cory’s ear.

“I didn’t mention anything about you touching yourself,” he took Cory’s earlobe between his teeth and bit down softly. Cory shuddered against Randy. He had to hand it to Cory, he gave over control a lot easier than other subs Randy had played with.

“Your first time?” Randy asked as Cory’s body gave a shiver.

“Getting fucked? Yes.”

“You thought, you could fuck me?” Randy rumbled with laughter. “Isn’t that adorable,” he barked in the man’s ear. “There was only one man who got to fuck me. Now get in the shower with me and maybe I will let you cum.”




“They’re not really your boys,” Cory asked as the warm spray beaded down his chest. Randy pressed up behind him nibbling on his neck. This was a side to the man Cory didn’t expect, all caring yet still managing to hold that rough edge to him.

“No. Kenneth yes, but not the other two.”

“Wait, sorry. I mean I don’t like to share,” replied Cory.

Randy swung Cory around in the shower and pressed his back against the cold tiles.

Cory might be better built, but there was something about Randy that strongly displayed alpha male. It was this particular trait that made Cory’s heart race. Then there was the delicious blue eyes now staring darkly at him.

“Well, that’s cute slave, but no, not in that regard. Kenneth is a promise I intend to keep and that’s as much as you will hear about it, understood?”

“Yes, sir,” Cory said and Randy slammed his lips against him. Cory almost chuckled, but Randy growled into the kiss, causing adrenaline to flood Cory’s body again. His cock started to flood with blood and pressed against Randy’s hairy thigh. The bittersweet tortures of Randy’s hair rubbing on Cory’s sensitive prick made him shudder and gasp for breath. No master had made him cum twice and he wasn’t sure how much more his dick could take and his hole had been well used, in a fucking good way.

 “Be good to me slave and you get to be treated like a princess,” Randy said as he gripped Cory’s dick and stroked him.

“You’re strong, you’re a man. We all know that. We all can see that looking at your body. You don’t have to prove it to anyone, least not me.” Randy traced a finger over Cory’s calf the sensation making him groan.

“Kenneth is not my slave, not my boy. He is my responsibility. I swore to his master I would take care of him and I intend to.” Randy’s lips had traced down Cory’s neck and collar-bone finding a nipple and taking it between his teeth. The hand that traced Cory’s thigh cupped his balls and took them in a firm grip squeezing them.

“You will be respectful to Kenneth and the others, and if I feel they are disrespectful to you or anyone else I will deal with them.” Randy let go and stepped out of the shower. He barked sharply over his shoulder, “I will let you know when I need to use you again slave. Until then that dick between your legs are off-limits to you and anyone else.”

Randy didn’t wait for a reply as he picked up his clothes and towel and naked descended down the hallway.

“Yes, master, anything for you,” Cory whispered to himself in the empty room.

Part two.




It was three weeks later that I found myself sitting in Dr. Collin’s make shift laboratory, as he took a sample of my blood.

“Doctor, why are you taking our blood,” Claire asked. “I mean, assuming with your set up here you want to find a cure?”

“Claire without being rude,” I flinched as the needle going into my vein that part always got me. “But that would be pointless.” She stared blankly at me.

“Think about it. They’ve been exposed to the element, some have been shot, others ripped open. There’s no way it would be possible, even if we could find a cure, that those things outside will go back to being human again.”

“They are still somewhat human,” the doctor spoke, he didn’t say much of anything. Most of the time we rarely saw him at dinner or lunch. We never had breakfast, we only had two meals per day. All those hard long hours in the gym working myself to a wobbly mess, so I could be what Thor wanted me to be, had gone to waste. I was thin, my muscles practically gone. I could see my own ribs starting to appear. My hair now was a shaggy mop curling like wild around my head, neck and face. The dark rings under my eyes had faded, but I doubt they would ever go away.

“What do you mean doctor?” I asked when he removed the needle and disposed of it.

He kept quiet for a long time, but the expression on his face was proof that this wasn’t a side effect of his stroke. I think he was contemplating what to tell us and what not, in the end he told us what we needed to know.

“There was a secret mission to Mars to collect samples that we believed were water. It was in fact water, but not clean. There was something else in it.”

“I knew it!” Pete flew up from his chair. “I fucking knew it.” He started pacing back and forth.

“All this shit because our own government wanted to beat the rat race of finding life on Mars. People aren’t suppose to go where we aren’t suppose to go!”

Even though Pete was talking to himself, I knew those accusations were posed to the doctor as much to the people responsible for this. I ignored Pete and turned to Dr. Collins.

“What did they find, bacteria, virus?”

He shook his head and took off his glasses, laying them down in front of him.

“Something worse or spectacular depending on how you look at it.” Dr. Collins leaned forward in his chair, dropping his voice low.

“You all know what Extremophile’s are, well, the organism we found in the water samples on Mars could almost be called that except for cold temperatures. They are extremely sensitive to them.”

I heard Pete snort as he sat down again, but after that he was silent.

“Most extremophile are bacteria, so we classified the new organisms as that,” Dr. Collins huffed, then chuckled and shook his head.

“If only it was that. Once the organisms were exposed to water here on earth, they changed almost instantly. They morphed into something totally different. It was then that we found DNA. It was the strangest thing we had ever come across.” He looked up at me and stared.

“So, being human, our nature got the better of us. One of the researchers transferred a couple of these organisms to a lab mouse. We saw signs of extreme aggression, but nothing more. Eventually the mouse died.”

“Someone slipped up, didn’t they?” Baily whispered.

I was shocked that it was she who spoke and not me or Pete.

The doctor nodded.

“No matter how careful one is, how many precautions one takes, there is always the risk of exposure.” Dr. Collins wiped his brow and stared at the photograph on his desk. The picture of a red haired woman and red hair little girl.

“The faculty was overrun, contained and placed under quarantine. The victims that succumbed to the infection were used for research. I was one of the lead medical doctors on the project. It was kept secret for four years. One night, working late on some research, one of the corpses I dissected had something in the stomach. Which wasn’t surprising. Being in the area we were in we all sometimes swallowed insects in our sleep or from unwashed vegetables. In this case call it a raw cabbage salad.” Dr. Collins held a shy grin as he looked at us all with tired eyes. Yeah, I know that too, but I don’t like to think about it.

“What I discovered were wasp chrysalis inside some of their stomachs. I paid no attention to it and removed them, placing them in a specimen jar. A colleague of mine…”

He paused and looked at the photograph again, closed his eyes and tears ran down his cheek. Taking a heavy breath he looked up at the ceiling.

“My colleague took the container of specimens and opened it releasing a small group of baby wasps.” He paused, again my mind was totally reeling from what he was saying or where he was going with this. Wasps and zombies? Seriously? This sounds like one fucked up nightmare. Yet the best was still to come as he quoted a poem.

So nat’ralists observe, a flea. Hath smaller fleas that on him prey; And these have smaller fleas to bite ‘em. And so proceeds Ad infinitum. On Poetry: A Rhapsody by Jonathan Swift. This was how he referred to hyperparasitism.”

My mouth gaped. I knew parasites, and wasps are considered parasitic, but what does that have to do with zombies? It still didn’t make sense!

“Doctor,” I stared, but he held up a hand.

“You’ll understand son, let me finish.”

He stood, walked to a desk and filled a glass of water. He turned to stare at the full glass, but still spoke to us. “A hyperparasite is a parasite whose host is a parasite. My wife couldn’t have known that the pupa we extracted were harboring eggs inside them. One of the new born wasps stung her and it was a matter of minutes before she became patient zero. I burned the facility to the ground, but the infection had already spread, fast.” He slammed the empty glass down.

“It was two hours, maybe less, and the surrounding area was infected. You can picture what happened after that.” He walked back to his chair and sat. He fumbled with his coat, pulled out a packet of cigarettes and lit one. The smoke was blue as it coiled and drifted upward, the smell irritated my nostrils.

“What no one anticipated about the original organism we found, was its ability to adapt and evolve. Can you imagine finding something like that which can evolve in a matter of days? It’s only a theory, of course, but it’s the best I have. I believe that the larvae ingested by the first group that became infected somehow the organisms got into these pupa and mutated with the parasite, hatching a new species of wasp.” His face darkened as he took another drag on the cigarette. “My only conclusion is those things outside are only the beginning.”

“We cut one open.” Claire said as she stood.

Dr. Collins nodded. “And you found what, my dear? Root-like growths around the bones and muscle tissue? A hardened shell in the center of the body?” Dr. Collins smile was icy with the realization of what was going through not just my mind, but all of us. He dabbed the cigarette in an overflowing ash tray. “The shell, I can only assume, is a cocoon. The rootlike growths branch out in order to draw nutrients from its host and feed the parasite, but also give movement to its uncooperative host. Quite beneficial and ingenious evolution. How long does it take to hatch you would ask?”

His tone changed sending goose bumps over my skin. My breath stilled and my pulse raced.

“What will then emerge from the cocoon you would ponder?”

I stood, my hands in fists as I shook. “Doctor!”

He looked up at me with lazy eyes.

“Am I scaring you boy?” He asked harshly.

I swallowed the lump in my throat and nodded.

“You should be, the dead is not what should be feared!” he stood. “To answer my own questions. I don’t know what will hatch out of them or when.” He walked towards a table pulling off a white sheet, exposing the riddled and tattered body of a naked man.

The skin was white and leathery giving it a rubber like appearance. He was thin, no muscle just bones and skin. I could see the epidermis gloved against roots almost like veins wrapped around its bones except for the large bulge pressing out of his chest where the skin spanned tighter against a curved edge.

“Shall we find out?”

My mind screamed, NO! You don’t want to know, but I walked closer. Only then did I see the restraints around the arms, wrists, waist, legs and head. It was still alive. Its jaw snapping like someone would be shivering yet it had no teeth.

“My hypothesis is that once infected the host becomes trapped in its own mind. Seeing, and aware of what it is doing yet unable to respond. It is unable to react to pain, temperature, memories or the horrors it is forced to do. Pathogens of the parasite are present in the blood and saliva. This is how other become infected.”

He stepped towards the head. My first reaction and words were not something you’d expect a normal human being to ask. They would be running from the mad doctor, but was he truly mad or did he simply just want to understand? Know thy enemy as you know thyself.

“Why can’t we smell it?”

“I keep it as hygienically clean as possible Kenneth. Help me here, would you?”

Bailey, Pete and Grace came closer, Claire on the other hand came up beside me.

The table the thing laid on I seriously have to give them a name, it’s getting annoying to call them things every timewas strange. It looked more like a roasting rack, which would turn, with a flat stainless steel table where it laid on its back.

“Here, the lever, hold on tight so it doesn’t swing, can’t be too reckless now can we.”

I gripped the handle noting it was attached to a turning mechanism exactly like you would do to a roasting spit.

“I’m going to release the lock now, you ready son?” I nodded and the momentum of the swing as Dr. Collins released the lock, almost ripped the handle from my grip. Slowly we turned it around exposing its back, I mean spinal cord. The doctor secured the lock, slipped on blue gloves and pointed to the roots that coiled and encased most of the spine leading up to its brain.

“This is how they control their host at first. How long the growth process takes for it to completely control limb movement I don’t know, but somehow it takes possession of the brain. It literally liquefies the host from the inside, leaving skin and bone intact. At this point I posit that the host dies, but I’m not certain. You can imagine how difficult it would be to research something like this.”

I only nodded my head. We will turn it back around now, there’s something else I want to show you before we kill it.”

I raised my eyebrows at the doctor, but he didn’t see my expression as he released the lock. Once it was turned over, I noticed the eyes. The roots had completely covered them.

The doctor pointed a blue finger to the eyes.

“See, I don’t understand the reason to do that to the eyes, but I will assume it’s leaving nothing to waste. Now then —”

“Sorry, I’m not standing here to see this shit,” Pete said. “We’re leaving. If you want to open the alien chest present and die with acid dissolving you go ahead, but I don’t stand for this shit. It’s creepy as hell.” He gripped Baily’s hand and dragged her out of the room. Grace silently followed.

Call me whatever you like; freak, weirdo, crazy, but I wanted to know and it seemed so did Claire.

“Most of the men can’t stand it so I take my hat off to you two. You must have very scientific minds about you to want to know, and that I find intriguing,” Dr. Collins said. He stepped away and picked up a red canister.

“I have a question,” Claire said. “Why, when they are hurt in the head do the corpses stop moving if the pupas are controlling their movement? Wouldn’t it still keep moving without the head?”

The doctor looked up surprised at Claire’s question.

“Brilliant question. Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer. It seems the eyes, nose and mouth are used for some reason. What I only can assume at this point is the parasite not only uses its host as a food but also as protection. I’ve opened up a brain before, and from what I can make out the roots tap into the dendrites and dorsal root of the brain and control the host’s sensory organs. More correctly I assume, the information they provide. The brain is the only organ unaffected by the liquefaction process.

“In other words, this is one mean ass intelligent, evolved organism.”

“Quite something. We have never and might ever see it again.”

The doctor brought the canister over placing it on the floor.

“You better stand back for this.”

There was a hose attached to the canister. As he pointed it at the thing, he let loose a spray of white mist over the body. I could hear a crackling sound above the swoosh of the gas being sprayed on it, almost like something was being frozen solid. I assumed it was liquid nitrogen.

As we waited for it to thaw so we could remove the pupas I addressed Dr. Collins.

“You want to try and make a vaccine?”

“I’m hoping to at least give those of us still living some form of protection against the parasite yes, but with what I have here it’s going to be a long shot. Unless one of you have antibodies strong enough to fight off the parasite. Hence the reason I took some of your blood.” He sighed at the end of that sentence, and I could only assume why.

To this day it is still very difficult to create a vaccine against a parasite. Yes, there were breakthroughs against malaria. Some humans that have parasites develop antibodies against them, but parasites unfortunately are not viruses or bacteria. This one, with its advanced evolution it’d be a pretty slim chance, but it seems to give Dr. Collins something to work toward and keep his mind of what happened to his family. I doubt he even knows what happened to his daughter. I can only assume one of two things, either she stayed with him while he was doing research  which is not likely, exposing a child to something like that would be cruelor she lived elsewhere with another relative. I really don’t want to think about the potential outcome of that.

“Oh God!” Claire yelled from behind us. Both Dr. Collins and I rushed toward her and could see why she was yelling. A black puss was oozing out of the pupa.

“We have to get it out,” Dr. Collins said. “It might just be excess fluid, it’s pushing out like humans do after death.”

Claire shook her head, “I think it’s acid, look at it eating away at the surrounding tissue.”

Indeed it was and dissolving the pupa into a black tarry mess.

“I guess it’s a last defense mechanism,” Dr. Collins sighed and slumped down into his chair.

“What if we opened one with it still alive?” The doctor shook his head.

“Forcing the pupa empty might result in the same reaction.”

I knew Dr. Collins needed a sample of what was inside the pupa to further his research.

“You’ll figure something out doc,” came Cory’s voice from the door. How long he had been standing there I had no idea, but his appearance brought back very uncomfortable memories so I quickly made my exit.

I honestly don’t understand my reaction or even why I was jealous seeing Randy and Cory fucking like mindless animals in the bathroom. Why can’t men keep their dicks in their pants? Oh yeah, because we’re primates. The need to mate or for sexual release is blueprinted in our DNA and our hormones know it. But why jealousy? Not that Randy’s not hot, but I’m not his and I’m not attracted to him. Yeah, Kenneth, who the hell are you kidding? Just thinking about it is making my dick hard. I think it’s time to go have that FAP I’ve been putting off since all this went down.

I’m not going to tell you how I wanked, that is disturbing and private. What I will however tell you about, is the night I fucked tight virgin princess master Thor.

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