Black Honey Chapter Nine

Chapter 9

Right back where you began

Torn apart from the inside

Race back into your skin

By the crawl you bring

                                                                        Hexes — Bassnectar (feat Chino Moreno)

I didn’t say it as he griped my cock at the base again and brought me to the moment and leaving me very fragile at the edge of climax.

“I can’t sir,” I whispered.

“Why not?”

“It’s my punishment sir.”

“Is it now? Did you think that it’s just you suffering under your punishment?’

I gaped. His words droned in. Those hungry stares and him screaming my name wile he shot his load. He fucking wanted me, he was fighting this punishment just as hard as I.

“What do you want Kenneth?” his hand still painfully stroking my dick.

“To cum sir” I said weakened, my muscle rippled from the friction he brought, my back covered in transpiration.

“Why? I would not draw pleasure from it so why should I let you?” his voice was soft and tender adding to the fucking friction he kept tallying to my cock. It was hard at that moment to even listen to him.

Tension gnawed at my gut at this point each gentile caress had the fire in me erupting violently only to be bliss when he stopped but I manage and maybe some higher up being helped me or maybe in that moment I truly became and understood; I was his.

“Because sir, it would bring you pleasure to know that I would come only for you, at your touch because you willed I sir.

He growled then “Good boy,” and let go of my dick.

“Mine that is what you are, mine.” His hand cradled my sack and he leaned forward. His wet warm lips enclosed around my dick and swallowed in one-go-down to my cock’s base. His free hand gently stroked the inside of my thigh and he sucked hard. One single suck and the soft sensation of his fingers needing my sack, stroking my skin and the knowledge that he, Thor, had me completely made the termer come forth. It cut trough me as it felt like I flood his mouth and down his throat. My breath was absent because I knew I screamed but nothing but air rushed out my throat.  I shook, swayed and he released his mouth from my shaft, griped me around the waist and pulled me to him. He buried his face in the center of my chest and he held me as I sink down on his lap.

My muscle ached from standing still in the position he commanded me and it left me weak as he held me against him. And he held me.

I knew he was hard I could feel his dick press against me. I tried to move but he tightened his grip on me, with no words he commanded me to be still and just let him hold me. I wrapped my hands around his neck and relaxed against him. My breath still shallow puffs as we stayed in that moment.

His hands slid up my spine to my neck and titled it upwards, he razed up on his knees making me to stand on my own he took my hand and guided it to his shaft with his hand over mine, he guided me to stroke him. His other hand directed my head to his and he pressed his lips to mine. He didn’t thrust his tongue in my mouth, he sucked and scraped his teeth against my lips and I trusted my tong past his lips. He moaned and I felt him shake. His warm wet seed spilling against me as he came, never parting his lips from mine, never stopped my hand to stroke him. Thor never stopped kissing me.

Somehow we made it to the bed and I crashed drained against his warm body. My breath still labored from the kiss his hands gently explored up and down my back.

“I have a question sir,” I asked still drawing in deep breaths. “Out side in the bars parking lot when I told you what happened you didn’t seem angry?”

His fingers stopped moving He took in a sharp breath and pulled me harder against him. His voice dropped low and deep as he spoke.

“I was Kenneth, I still am and it’s not over, trust me boy not by a long shot. This Jason Hendry is going be hind bars but I needed to be strong then.” he chuckled “I have never had a sub stand up to me and put me back in line, you reminded me, at that moment, was not the time for me to be angry. You needed me, and at that your needs become grater than my anger. Being in a BDSM relationship can be fun, hot, sexy even beautiful.” he pressed a kiss against my hair and stroke a finger down the center of my back. “But we are still in a relationship and sometimes the real world interferes and it’s then that you will truly see if you are good Dom and when it comes to our relationship out side of the lifestyle it’s not about my needs any more. It’s about yours, mine and ours as a partners.  There will be times when I need you and you will need me.  Dom’s can’t be strong all the time Kenneth and you reminded me of that when you put me in my place.”


Yeah fucking great memory. Slanking down against a wooden crate the taste of metallic in my mouth as I bit my lip the haunting thought again creeping up on me. Thor is gone.

A shadow moved, grass crunched under heavy foot steps— boots, the person must be of large proportion maybe overweight or heavily bulked with muscles. Funny how you adept to the world when everything change, sound becomes as important to you as your next breath. When danger could lurk a round every corner.


“Yeah, I’m here.” I said letting out a relived breath the same time.

Randy popped around the corner two mugs in hand. The warm vapor steaming off them. He stopped and leaned in the arch way and present me one. I smell coffee, another one of my senses that’s heightened, well technically not but like I said you’re more a ware than what you would be. I grip the mug with Winnie-the-Pooh characters on it. Noting its tea, there’s milk in it. I reach Randy’s eyes with questioned frown. He chuckles.

“It’s condenses milk, an apologetic offering for this morning.”

I bring the cup to my lips and sip the sweet strong tea. The sweetness is over whelming but I savor each sip like it will be the last I will ever have. The tats reminds me of my ma.  She loved her tea with condenses milk though it’s not the Five Rosses tea, with in fact is the best tea in the world, but its strong, I take another sip.

“Randy its okay really you where just teasing so was I.” I don’t reach his gaze because in the moment in the bathroom I wasn’t teasing.

“I wasn’t” he said looking up out to the gray cloudy sky.

“Figured being the only two gay guy’s eventually we’d be humping.” I said.

Randy snorted, coffee come out his nose and mouth still trying to laugh.

The light broke trough the clouds and touched his face the laughter still present in his eyes wrinkles forming around them, he had a thick blue gray shadow to his face his beard grew slow but fierce I heard him say one night.

I just smiled back at him when he wiped the coffee from his mouth. We kept quite standing there drinking our beverages watching the dead still world move past.

Again a shadow moved grass crunched but soft slow-steps someone smaller moving this time, one of the girls? The steppes where causes.  I saw Randy stiffen placing his cup down his hands reached his back for the gun. He looked to me, I just shook my head standing perfectly relaxed sipping the last of my tea.

“Kenneth?” came Claire’s voice

“Yeah babe I’m here,” I said and she stepped round the corner, her hands clinched into one another.

“Can we talk?” she looked to Randy then back to me “alone?”

I just nodded and she walked off.

I stepped up to the arch way ready to go after her, when Randy pulled me by the collar and forced me to face him.

His finger wedged between my collar and skin and he slide the digit around the leather.

“You going to have to take it off Kenneth. You know that right? Your skin need to breath.”

I turned my head away from him and bit my lip he instantly snatched his finger away.

“I know Randy.”

“Tonight boy.”

I nodded and moved not able to look back at him and show the fear and sadness in my eyes. I knew he was right the collar was rubbing my skin raw and irritating the membrane.

 Randy’s words got stripped from my mind when I saw Claire with her back to me, her shoulders drawn close and her arms wrapped around her stomach. My steps turned to a sprint to reach her quicker.

“Are you alright,” I reached out stretching my hand for her shoulder “are you in pain?”

“No.” she said softly and tuned away and face me.

“I’m scared Kenneth, I know what you did… what we did was survival but God it felt so so wrong.”

I sighed, this conversation was not going to be avoided. I arched down on my knees and picked a blade of grass and twirled in my fingers.

“You’re scared that it will happen again?” I look up, her expression, wet eyes red from crying was my answer.

“Good you should be” I said “It will happen again, and maybe again and again.” I stood.

“It might not” I shrugged and turned away from here “We won’t know Claire but,” I turned to her “what we did with Emma, we had to there’s no way we could have shaved her. We, all of us was stupid. I blame myself more than any one. I should have been more aware but honestly what the hell would you have wanted me do? Keep her, fed her? To me that seems crueler.”

Looking over the white world, heavy clouds looming in the distance.

“I’ve reached my limit Claire there’s no more tears in me to cry. What would be the point of them, it’s not like they will change anything. Not like they will cure the world and turn everything right.”

I turned back to her and softened my voice.

“You’re probably thinking not to have the baby now more than ever?”

She nodded and burst out crying.

“I made a promise to you.” I said and out stretched my hand, tugged her on the elbow. “Claire,” I stepped closer “I’m still going to keep that promise.”

She allowed me to pull her close and I wrap my arms around her. I let out a hard breath as she clung to me and sobbed.

“Every morning I wake up with heaviness in my heart, an emptiness in my soul and I find myself asking the question, would I do it Again.” I buried my face in her neck and whispered in her ear “No, it will kill me but another part of me tells me that I have to in order to survive I will have to make that decision again.”

“I know Kenneth I’m just I’m tiered, I’m scared I just….” Her words got drown out by her cry.

I held her tighter as she shook against me.

“Kenneth!” the shout carried trough the cold air amplified by the silence. I turned, Randy stepped out of the barn both of us looking in the direction of Pete, frantically waving his arms from the second floor window.

He didn’t look distressed, rather excited.

I pulled Clair from me but took her hand in mine “Come on I think Pete’s got some news.”

I was honestly not sure but at this point any news might be good whether it be bad at least we can take it as a warning.

Coming in trough the back door Randy in front of us, the buzzing of weak radio signal could be heard. It was distorted and cut out frequently, the man’s voice however was fast as if he knew he didn’t have strong enough signal.

Baily was writing down what sounded like coordinates.

“We have shelter… No infected… not a recoding… live broad cast…any one out there hearing … repeating this again trough the cores of… day.”

Baily stood and turned her eyes seeking me she stepped forward and hand me the scrabbled writing. Pete’s footsteps came down the stairs, he slipped and slide over the hard wood floors in his haste, map in hand.

Baily went and sat on the couch Claire next to her, I saw a flash of disappointment in Pete’s eyes he was just too happy this morning. He sat down on the arm chair next to Baily. Every one staring at me. I look at the piece of pepper in my hand.

“I’m sorry I can’t read this,” and handed it to Randy.

Randy took the map Pete left on the coffee table and went to work on the coordinates.

“I’m not sure if is everything,” said Baily “I wrote down what I could make out.” Randy just nodded his eyes focused in front of him.

Though just because we heard a massage broad cast wouldn’t mean we would go there.

“He said to stay clear of the cities, power plants anywhere heat would be generated.” Baily didn’t look at any of us while convey the information she heard.

Randy sat for an hour in the living room trying to figure out where this safe zone was. The decision of if we should go would all depend where it was.

I started with lunch which wasn’t much, some canned vegetables and crackers. I sighed again as I watched the gooey veg crawl out of the can on to the burner. It sizzled on touch to the heat. I knew all of us had lost wait partly because we were too scared to eat protein not knowing if it could be infected or not. I knew Claire need the nutrients more than any of us. Again the safe zone tugged at me it was just feeling in my gut telling me we should take the chance. I heard Randy’s footsteps come to ward the kitchen, my heart actually raced faster. He came and placed the map down numerous markings draw on it with pencil and a big cercal surrounding an area. The thing was the location. Milwaukee.

He spoke before I could even begin.

“From what she give me to go on that’s as best as I could figure out.”  I looked at the map going trough everything I’ve gained so far society induced and what would make logically sense.

“What’s this?” I pointed to a forest area, above a description called Innovation Park. The area seemed open and clear, and if I had to pick location for a save zone that would definitely be it.

“Eschweiler buildings,” Claire leaned over the table, turning the map so she could get a better look.

“What’s the Eschweiler buildings” I asked looking at Randy then at Claire.

Clare explained or started to until she mentioned the word abandon and the rest of her information about the farming school was forgotten.

Pete came in trough the back door half way trough Claire’s explanation. We both looked at each other.

“You sure they are abandon and still standing?” I asked just to reassure myself.

“Pretty much positive” he said with a wink.

I returned to lunch finished heating it up, dish it in a bowl and set it on the counter. I sat silent as we ate our meal running it over and over in my head constantly glancing at the map. I didn’t want to say something to anyone and give them false hope. But my gut was telling me we should go.

Randy was the first to finish, he took his plate to the sink and ruffing up my hair as he passed me.  Then mentioned he was going to take a nap. Which Claire stood up and said she too wanted to go lei down for a bit. I ignored them as they left the kitchen.

“Pete?” I said, he didn’t look up at me his focus was on Baily but he responded with “mhmm”

How much gas do we have?” He did turn to me then mouth full of food crumbs at the corner of his lips he swallowed.

“Half a tank.”

I just left it at that, the problem with Pete’s Toyota was its old. It ran fine except for in the winter when sometimes it wouldn’t start from the cold or it would cut out. We couldn’t risk going there with his car nor could we risk waiting the winter out.

The room became dark as if something massive has just moved over the house. A window slap closed and ghoulish wound wiled in from the back door bring snow a long with it. I looked out of the back door my eyes going wide. A white mist swept to wards us eating everything in its path in a fog as it came.

“Snow storm.” I had barely said the words when Pete closed the back door and locked it.

“We need to make sure the widows are locked,” he said when he turned. I could feel the cold ice particles against my face burn as they melt. 

Back home we never knew snow, coming to the states was the first time I saw snow and had yet to live trough a snow storm. Partly excited I got up and dashed to the living room. My breath become vapor as I blew it out but my heart stopped a beat at the creak howl in the air. My brain telling my body it’s just the wind but a part of me didn’t want to believe it, a part of me was frightened that it might be one of those things.

“Kenneth get a move on buddy!” Pete yelled from the hallway.

Snapping out of my mind thinking how stupid it was of me when I knew how those things reacted to the cold. One of them would never venture away from the city’s heat. I reached for the first window opened it to pull the shutters close only for the growling wind to slap the window back into my face, pain short up from my nose so fast  I felt light headed. I felt the warm dribble of blood dripping.

“Kak!”  I cursed in my native tong it just sometimes helped. I managed trough holding the bride of my nose and close the shutters in the living room. My fingers pained from the cold and I had the sudden urge to place it it boiling water. I always bragged how much I loved the cold weather and hated summer now though I prefer the warmer summer.

I made my way to the bathroom got a piece of toilet paper and stopped the nose bleeds the bridge of my nose was swollen I gently touched it. Pain sheered up into my scull like it was being torn apart.

“Kenneth, are you alright “ Pete’s distressed voice come closer as he spoke it turned to him my voice sounding strange due to to swelling.

“Yes got bitch slapped by a windows.”

Pete snorted with laughter.

I rolled my eyes which made my head heart. Pushing past him out of the bathroom I made my way to the bedroom Claire was sleeping in just to check on her. The temperature plummeted fast as the storm rolled upon us, I took the extra blanket from the spare unused bedroom and throw it over her. I stood there for a minuet peering out the window snow being slapped back and forth against it not that I could see anything ells beyond. Claire stirred pulling me from my space out frame.

“I promise.” I wiper in the room and make my way out. Joined Baily and Pete down stares not failing to hear Randy’s snores echoing out of his room. I slumped down on the chair.

“What do you do during snow storm?” I ask the two cuddling love birds. Pete gave me a dark stare.

“Scoot, find something ells to do, we’re busy.”

Baily slapped Pete on the chest and crawled out of his lap with a blush on her face.

“I snag some cards at the store when we where out, we can play a game. Pete start a fire… pleas” she purred. I rolled my eyes only to be reminded of my pain.

Grumbling Pete got off the couch narrowed his eyes at me and turned to start a fire.

We played and the storm lingered raging white chaos out side, by the time Claire had join us we where actually laughing. Yet Randy still had to appear. Getting worried I excused myself from them and went up the stairs. Quietly as I could I open the door. Randy sat on the edge his shoulders slumped his face in his hands crying to him self.

“Big guy?” I whisper but dear not to venture further in to the room.

He looks back, I can’t see the tears in his face the room is so dark but I know they’re there from the pain in his voice. “I miss him so much Kenneth.” He whispered.

His breath shallow and I can hear him snick as he draw it in. I can see his silhouette shake. Slowly I stepped to and sat next to him. My weight is nothing compared to his as I hardly descended into the matters. I lean my head against his shoulder and wrap my arm around his lower back. I don’t say anything because there is nothing I can say no way I can take it away. We sat silent, him still crying morning. My arm became numb but I keep it where it is.

 The Crash of something heavy splattering down stars made both of us stiffen and holding our breaths.

“Its cool, its cool just clumsy bumped the…” Pete went quite. “And God said let there be wine!” Pete shouts from down stairs. I shake my head and stood.

“You coming down?” I ask him. Randy reach out and caught me by the forearm.

“Dose it get better Kenneth, will it end? Will things become normal?”

 I sigh. “Far as I know no… but we learn to live with it and adapt.” He let go of my arm and stood.

“I can’t say that there’s anything to live for Randy but I said this to you because I meant every word of it. You are all I have the guys down stares are all I have and I will say it for as long as you need to hear it.”

His hand gain come to my hair to ruff it up he had done it countless times Thor always glared at the gesture.

 “I think we should head to the safe zone.” I said

“Yes but its not like it’s a walk down the street and we are not even hundred present sure if that’s the location.”

“True,” I said when we reach the door.

 His hand on my shoulder stilled me before I could step out side. He pulled me back against his chest. He smell of sweat again strongly. Randy place a kiss against the back of my hair his other hand coming to my left shoulder. “Thank you boy.” He whispers

“Always Sir Randy, always “I said and place my hand over of his and squeeze it tight.

  Coming into the kitchen wine bootless on the table Pete had already opened one drinking straight form it.

“Wow there buddy,” I said and try to take the bottle from him.

“What its just wine bro can’t a man have a drink?”

“Yes but first there something we need to discuss. And I need your sober opinion.”

It take the bottle from him when he let go, Claire stood in the corner Baily stood next to Pete and Randy, I knew was there because I could sense his presence behind me.

“I think we should go for it,” Pete tried to interrupt but held up my hand.

“The reason is for Claire,” I saw her look away out of the corner of my eye but didn’t bring my attention to her to make her feel more uncomfortable. “She needs someplace safe, she needs someone to look her over too see if the baby is healthy.”

“Baby?” Randy’s voice rung in my ear.

I turn to him rubbing my head “didn’t tell you did I. Sorry.” He just gave me a look then nodded turning his eyes on Claire.

“But other than Claire we are not equipped to stay here and if there’s other survivors maybe just maybe we could get some answers, maybe we will be safe there.”

“Or maybe we get fucking killed along the way!” Pete snapped and I close my eyes at the tone of his voice too quick forgetting about my swollen nose and the pain seers into my face.

“Pete relax, you two where the ones that fond the information if you haven’t for gotten and you Pete looked rather excited about it.”

Baily chipped in “No, don’t tell him to relax dammit you where the one that did your speech about not going to the safe zone and now your going back on your words? What the fuck?”

“I know- I know-I know just …” I  protest and sigh” lets vote okay how’s that?”

“Fine no and no from both of us.” Baily said folding her arms across her chest Pete placed his hands protectively over her shoulders.

I mean seriously why then give us the information in the first place.

“I’m in.” Claire said and looked at me briefly then looked away.

“I think we should but after the storm dies out” said Randy.

 Pete shrugged “Kenneth no we cant bro, you know that… how are we going to get there?”

I snapped. “Don’t you think I’ve thought of that, don’t you think I know your car can’t take us during the winter. You know me better.” I bulged my fist trying to stay calm. “God dammit Pete you know me better than any one. I always have a plain.”

“Yes well I never said they where always great.” He took Baily by the hand and dragged her out of the kitchen not before he took two of the wine bottle with him.

I bring my hand trough my hair.  “Claire where did they get the wine?”

“Some cabinet, we didn’t check. The one the blue vase was standing on. Pete must have knocked it open when he jammed right in to the thing.”

I saw Randy picking one of the bottles up, “Well fuck, no wonder it was hidden.” He hands the bottle to me.

I take a deep breath 50 years old, I place it down and read the label’s of the other two left on the table 30 years old.

“Sorry Claire but we will save one.” Randy takes out a pocket knife and starts digging out the cork.

“Doesn’t it have a cork popper?” Claire ask.

Randy chuckles “No, this isn’t some sissy bitch knife miss this knife has saved my life quite a number of times.” He ends tearing out the cork and pushing the part left in the neck down in to the bottle.

“Okay enough talk testosterone just poor!” I said glass already in hand. Randy grins at me then winks I place tree glasses down.

“None for me…” Claire begins, I look to her.

“I’m not giving you a full glass, a little bit wound do anything. Dam you Americans, back home we drink wine like its mothers milk.”

“Fine just a small bit” she agreed.

And a small bit Randy pored maybe one and a half sips for her I only got half a glass. He protective held the bottle close to him out of my reach while his sipped from his full glass.

I wasn’t drunk as I made my way up the stairs Claire had gone to bed and Randy left the kitchen five minutes be fore I did. I could hear commotion coming from the room where I and Pete slept, I ignored. Randy’s bedroom door was a peek open, I passed it walking to the spare bedroom coming in I realized I gave the extra blanket to Claire for warmth.

I sighed standing in the door frame slowly I made my way over to Randy’s room snaked in and silently closed the door.

“Big guy?” I whispered. Silenced lingered in the room and I relaxed took my shoes off and crawled in to the opposite side, laying as far away from Randy as I could. Sleep came almost instantly thanks to the wine.

Randal Blackheart woke with a warm body next to him. Dick. Daily must have allowed the sub to sleep between them, he hated it and Daily knew the rules. Don’t take a sub home. But his own limbs betrayal was the shocker. The little thing was pressed hard against his chest trapped in his arms, they had wrapped them self’s around the sub. At lest the little snot didn’t snore. His dick pressed painfully in need against the smaller man in there bed. He might make use of the boy while he is still here, Daily never bottomed so Randy used every sub thoroughly when they had one to play with.

Grazing his teeth against the boy’s soft skin he stuck out a tong and licked, a bitter taste filled his mouth. Shit his collared? The wind gushed rattling the window in the far corner of the room. Bring Randy back to earth and out of his haze. He killed Daily, he shot the only man he ever loved. A small hand wedge between them and wrapped round his erection trough his briefs.

“Thor get it away from me. Give me a couple more minutes, pleas. I promise to be a good boy.” yet with the words the hand on Randy’s cock kept stroking him.

“Kenneth” Randy whispered.

 The boy still kept stroking, why he didn’t just stop Kenneth’s hands, because it felt too good but so wrong at the same time. Regardless of the fact that he and Daily promised each other if one of them passed, they would not cower in finding another. They each wanted the other to be happy but the guilt that ate at Randy everyday since that nightmarish morning was still to over powering. And yet trough it he failed on another promise one he and Daily made to Thor that if anything happened to him they would take Kenneth on as there sub and care for him.

Both those promises he failed on because of what he did.

“Kenneth stop.” he said louder, the hand on his prick stopped but didn’t let go. Randy sighed silently, Kenneth turned in his arms and pressed his face into Randy’s neck. Randy swallowed the anxiety down he wanted the boy, to satisfy his own lust but he still fight against it. Kenneth liked against his skin the small tong send goose bumps over his skin and at that moment pain and regret flooded and mixed with his own lust.

He griped the boy by the shoulders, pressed him into the mattress and laid over him, rubbing his dick against the boy. Kenneth’s eyes shot open shocked at the face and the man on top of him.

“You don’t want to to this Kenneth.” Randy barked.

The boy just nodded slowly and Randy rolled of off him. He heard the boy get up, silently walked to the door opened it and closing it. Randy pressed his hands to his face. He didn’t know how he was going to face his own guilt surly death would be better than the whole eating away at him. He couldn’t even kill himself, had to ask Kenneth to do so. 

The boy was stronger than he thought, even though what they did to the little girl was inhuman they were just simply surviving. Kenneth knew what he was doing against those things, instinct, he was sure if he hadn’t find Kenneth he would be dead or one of those monsters.

“Randy?” Kenneth spoke, so deep in his own head was he that he failed to hear him step back in the room. Randy turned with regret or anger he wasn’t sure.

“I’m sorry,” said Kenneth.

“It was just …” Kenneth’s voice went hoarse “You poked me in the fucking ass dude with that thing between your legs and…” he lowered his tone again “for slight second I thought it was Thor, I’m sorry.”

Randy had to chuckle, if anything Kenneth knew how to place a smile on a man’s face. Maybe just maybe he could help Randy deal with his own pain and regret.

“What’s the plan for today little boss man?” Randy asked. He knew he probably had more experience than Kenneth but he had no experience with those things and Kenneth along with the black boy had manage to stay alive.

Kenneth walked over and sat next to him. “I’m not sure, we need to prepare for the trip get stock but most important we need to find a car, Pete’s won’t do us any good in the cold.”

“And what about those two? They really didn’t seem happy about last night.” Randy asked.

With the gale out side he knew it wasn’t going to be an easy trip and the possibility of them getting caught in another snow storm on the road way was most likely a certainty.

“Tough, they just have to go with it, we voted on it.”

“Okay well we would need a SUV or a jeep, something strong that won’t get stuck in the snow. We would have to stock up on supplies … Kenneth we need to be prepared for this.”

“I know big guy that’s why I’m think you should take the lead on this one,” Kenneth chuckled “you’re older than us, you have military experience, leave the zombie shit to us and you handle the rest.” Kenneth stood and walked to the door “meet you down at breakfast then we can all sit down and plan.”

“Boy, didn’t you just give command over to me?” Randy barked playfully.

“I did didn’t I.” he replied and reached for the door.

“You have to take it off Kenneth” Randy said gentler this time.

 Instantly the boy stiffened and reached for the collar.

“I’m not saying take it off permanently, why didn’t Thor gave you a different collar?”

 Kenneth leaned his head against the opened door. “I like the dog collar more than the chain.”

“He actually allowed you to have a say in it?” Randy was shocked he understood now when Daily razed his concerns about the two. The Thor they knew and the Thor Kenneth knew was not the same man.

“No, he didn’t, I had two collars I just preferred to wear this one all the time. He never questioned it in fact I think he felt pride seeing that I wasn’t ashamed of our life style. When I wore the thing out in public, I mean people stared but I didn’t care because he was always by my side.”

Randy huffed, Thor was never the nurturing type. He shook his head and his stomach rumbled from hunger.

“Go wake the others, get breakfast going, make Claire a strong cup of tea and give her some of the condense milk that girl is going to need all the strength we can give her.”

It was like instinct when Kenneth replied “Yes Sir.” and he was off down the hallway.

The boy needs a Dom, even though he won’t admit it to any one. Randy thought to himself.

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  1. Suzy says:

    It keeps getting better Wulf, really enjoying – dont make us wait too long for the next chapter. Can I just say I frequently feel to need to smack Pete – one minute he’s a really supportive friend and the next he’s having a tantrum like 3yr old and walking off! Really like Randy as well, just want to give him a hug.

    Also this was the best spelt chapter, hardly any typos xx

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