Black Honey Chapter Eight

(Warning if you are not in to the  more intense and piggy style of BDSM skip the red writing.)

Chapter 8

I will devour you
Take all the pain away
I cannot stay my hand
From reaching out so that I can
Empower you
For all eternity
It seems to ease my mind
To know that you’ve brought
Meaning to my life

      DISTURBED – Devour


 Snow was coming down painting the world in white, I watch it trough the bathroom window on the second floor. Again, I was the first one up. I turned to the mirror in front of me my tanned skin long gone a shade of pale, sunken eyes with dark rings under them empty soulless and sad eyes stared back at me. 

My hair had grown bushy again as it hung over my forehead and curled around my face, ears and neck. And I would stare for what seemed like hours at my face. Hoping, seeking for the Kenneth that was the one in the picture I took from Thor’s office. Yet knowing it so well that he was dead, gone, long-buried and forgotten that day three weeks ago, when we killed little Emma. I had difficulty sleeping at night, hunted by the nightmares far scarier than the real world. I spend most nights looking out of the bedroom window staring and gazing at the lifeless view.

We eventually had found a farm-house deserted and not far from it a small convenient shop that we raided, so we where well stocked with food and gas for a burner. The farm-house was a two-story house with four bedrooms. The girls slept in one, me and Pete in another and Randy in another. He was quite most of the time.

Following my morning ritual I took the piece of razor blade and folded up the right hand of my sleeve. Slowly I brought the sharp blade to my skin above the two cuts that was already there, I started scraping the skin. The blood flowed and the burning pain begun and I felt my self ease, I closed my eyes feeling the blood run down my arm. Why did I do this, to be honest I needed to. I needed to feel the cut and see the blood flow, I needed it to remind myself I was still human. I made sure however that the cut wasn’t too deep. I was not trying to commit suicide or to get attention. It just was the only way I could feel after what had happened. I heard the first door open and the other bathroom door open and close. So I turn on the tap and ran the water, which to my surprise was still running. I brought the cut to the running water and I watched transfixed as the ice-cold water washed away the blood and more just seemed to flow. Finley when hearing another door open I took a piece of band-aid clothe and raped it around the cut applying pressure. A knock followed on the door and the pushing of the handle. Of course the door was locked. Hearing a rumble on the other side.

“I’m almost done Randy, just keep your pants on.”

Coming out ten mint’s later all evidence washed away of me cutting my self, Randy pushed past me letting out relived sigh as he took piss. Turning in the door way I stared at him.

“You know you could have just taken a leak out side.” My eyes trailed over him as I spoke.

“Oh yea?” he turned his head and arched his brow “And risk my dick shrinking several inches? You gone offer me something to warm it up after wards then?”

“Charming Randy, if you wanted a blowjob you can just ask” I teased back at him folding my arms around my chest.  He shook his dick making perfectly sure I saw what he was holding in his hand. He stepped back and walked to wards me still holding his member. Stopping in front of me he tugged it back in to his jeans and arched over and whispered in my ear.

“I’ve always wanted to fuck you Kenneth, so what, you offering?”

I froze, could I really, after what both of us had lost? Knowing how damaged he was and knowing how damaged I was.

“Easy there Kenneth, I was just joking.” he said then pulled back and zipped up his zipper and stepped out the bath room.

For a slight second, I don’t think he was joking and a part of me was hoping he would. And another part of me felt guilty at that to wards Daile and Thor. Closing my eyes pushing the whole thing down I entered the hallway just when Baily stepped out of a bedroom followed by Pete.  Well when did that happen? I watched Pete pulled up and fasten the buttons on his jeans and Baily straightening her top with her jacket in her left hand.

Baily had a small shade of pink as she past me and Pete couldn’t wear a smugger smile.

I just rolled my eyes as I stepped past him into the bedroom then stopped. My eyes going wide at the mangled mess of sheets.

“Peter in the bed? Where I sleep, Dude!”

“Yea and I sleep there too you know.” He still whore a smug grin. I narrowed my eyes at him.

“There’s a spare bedroom Pete,” I said to him when he was half way out the door, I turned back with sigh. I heard his foot steps stop and then he called to me from the door way. “Kenneth,”

He waited for me to turn round and face him. “There’s a spare bedroom.” He wore more than just a smug on his face this time as he grinned at me then laugh.

Coming down to the kitchen I was met with a completely different burned. Claire. I still had to keep my promise to her and I was still going to only after my episode, she became scared of me. I honestly couldn’t blame her. I couldn’t blame any of them. But Claire she hardly spoke to me if it was it was either a yes or a no and if it was meant to be more than that it was short and she would disrepair out of my sight so I stated making it easier for her.

“You feeling ok this morning?” she nodded in a yes.  I left it at that and went to go get some canned sardines from the counter top. I lit the gas burner we had in the kitchen, we didn’t take any food that could perish or be contaminated only vacuumed packed goods and canned goods. I hated them up and scrape them on to a plate, opened two packets of crackers and, Viola!

“Breakfast guys!”

Randy came in from the kitchens back door fresh sweat dripping down his forehead with chopped logs in his arms. He placed them in the living room. The house was deserted as we found it. We had to break in through the front door to get in, it smelled closed up but after living here for three weeks it sort of smelled normal. Now and then when the wind would blow at night a faint decaying smell would drift in the air from the city. If anything ells it still reminded us of what had happened and what was still lurking in the cities around us. None of us spoke of that day, not even hinted on it. Sitting down to have my share of the wonderful breakfast, I watched Randy out of the corner of my eye. It’s not that I haven’t seen him naked before I knew he was bigger than Thor in the groin department. Still a hunting part of me send of warning flares in my head or was it the collar around my neck reminding me who I still belonged to. Even though I have buried Thor, my heart still belonged to him would it really be such a bad thing if I and Randy had a causal fling. I realized it then that I never repeated those words back to him that morning he said he loved me. Al thoughts of sexual cravings forgotten as the sardines going down my throat felt like thick sludge.

I pushed my plate forward hunger not present any more in me I stood with out a word and escaped out of the kitchen.

Walking out in the cold air, I placed my hands in the hoodies front pockets trying to retina as much body heat as possible.

I guess now would be an appropriate time to tell you about Thor’s jealous rage.

I was at the bar that evening. Two mounts after me and Thor got thing going. Alone without him but always present in Randy or Daile’s presence. He had to leave for some big client emergency. So he took me by the shoulder and forceful placed me down on the bar stool in front of them.

“I won’t be long, just… could you keep an eye on him?” both Randy and Daile nodded and Thor turned away and left. The frown on my forehead had almost turned to pout when he griped me rough and pulled my into him his lips brushing my forehead “Be good.” he plead and then he stole my breath with a wet warm kiss. I was still shaking in my seat long after he had left.

“I don’t know which one of you two has the worst end.” Daile’s word brought me back.

“The what?” I blurt out with not thinking.


“Sir.” I said and looked down.

“You two are so caught up in each other it’s freighting. I mean Thor’s ex was something but you, you changed that man Kenneth, the Thor you see is not the Thor I know.” I looked at Daile confused at his words.

“Thor is brutal, he hardly shown any public affection to his ex or other subs before you, and then not just that he moved your ass in with him, and I’m still questioning if you’re really up for this whole lifestyle.” He left me then with my own thoughts as he went to help another customer at the other end of the bar. 

I sat there the night was slow especially for a Friday evening, and I could see Daile getting grumpy a half empty bar could set them back. They had poured most of their money and time into the bar as I learned, getting to know them. It was as they stated their child.

I felt a gentile hand on my shoulder, no fingers rubbing but just a slight touching caress.  So I sighed and turned.

“Listen sir, beg your pardon but—” I could not complete my sentence while I gulped and struggle for breath.

“Jason?” I said in a shaky voice.  Jason-drugs-dirty rough sex bad!

“Hello Kenneth,” he said in calm tone. “How’s it been?”

I turned seeking Randy or Daile or any other person for help. I saw the back of Randy’s head duck under the bar counter and try to speak put Jason’s hand clamped a round my mouth and pulled me from the char. This was fucking bad, I dated Jason for week in that week id done more drugs than I ever thought I would, not just that he was an abusive dick. After the week I spend with him I disappeared too scared to go home and let Pete see Jason’s dirty work of purple and blue bruises.

“Been some time Kenneth so to my shock I find you in here. Where the fuck have you been!” he slammed me back into the wall now know the darkness of where we where in the bar covered us so no one could see.

“I’ve been watching you hanging with that Thor, who thinks he owns the ground he walks on never liked him much. He your new pimp?”

In that week that I spend with Jason side from the drugs and drinking and his abusive manner, I was also forced to be a whore sucking guys off to give us drugs. Not one of my proudest moment in life.

His hard grip on my mouth reminded me he was still there and I was still being stupid. I struggled against him but to the sound of a click and the sharp object press to my neck made me go still.

“Not a word Kenneth, like I said I’ve been watching you sort of stalking but that doesn’t matter, here’s what’s gone happen. You’re gone turn around take down your pants and I’m gone fuck, then when I’m done you will have a little part of me inside you, you can carry over to you’re lover, Ok?” he let go of my mouth but kept the blade (because that’s what it felt like) firmly against my neck. He spun me round and pressed my face against the wall.

My shaking hands reached for the buttons of my jeans with each button I peered loose, my mind kept screaming at me no! Do something, run, kick him, no matter if you get cut, just get out of here. But my body didn’t want to move.  I felt him press his lips to the side of my neck and chill ran over my skin as he liked my flesh. I could feel his free hard dick pressing against my ass as he leaned into me.

“Take it as pay back for running out on me Kenneth, just a little bug to make you remember me by.” His voice was husk and cruel against my skin.

My heart drummed fast when I felt him forcefully press his dick between my butt’s cheeks. I closed my eyes at that moment thinking of Thor.

“There a problem here?” Wester’s voice came from my side. Of all the men in the bar to find us it had to be tire-tube.

“No problem, just having some fun, move along.”

Wester seemed to speak closer to my ear then when he first did.

“I wasn’t asking you, I am asking the sub”

“Well boy?” Wester demanded.

The blade pressed against my neck harder and I closed my eyes.

“Tell the sir.” Jason barked. I wasn’t surprised that Wester didn’t see me or the blade against my neck it was so dark.

“Everything’s fine Sir Wester” I said in a very shaking breath.

Wester turned away and tears ran down my cheeks, I knew my chance at escape had slipped and I caught my self thinking maybe this is my due, my punishment for all the shit I have gotten up to, for being gay, for being a teas for—I heard a loud smack sound and groan come from Jason he fell off to the side. Wester hand pulled me at my shoulder from the wall and into the light.


I didn’t know why but I hug the tire tube then and I cried against his shoulder, he was sweat and smelled a little but I didn’t care.

“Fucking fat tart.” I heard Jason mule from the ground as he must have gotten up and I clung tighter to Wester.

“What the hells going on here!” Randy said aloud.

Whisker pulled me from him and pushed me behind his back.

“I think we got us a bit of trouble Randy, this bitch was hitting on Thor’s boy.”

I barely saw it happen the next thing I knew Randy had Jason arm around his back the other behind his neck and the flash of silver as he dropped the knife.

It was the first time I saw Randy’s anger, he hosted Jason out to wards the entrance like he was a piece of tussle. Wester turned to me folded his arms around his big chest and resting on the top of his belly and commanded, “Explain?”

So I did and maybe if he wasn’t that much out of shape I would have date him the first night we met. But I guess he was a nice guy when he was sober.

After I explained the whole thing over to Randy and Daile I leaned over to Wester.

“Thanks sir, I appreciate that.” He chuckled and seemed to blush and I leaned in sweeping a kiss against his cheek. Maybe I shouldn’t have but what followed I would not have traded for anything in the world.

A hard grip placed on my shoulder and strong fingers pressed into my muscle so hard that I gasped.

“What the fuck are you dong!” Thor’s anger tone rattled from behind me.

I stood frozen knowing how it had looked. Knowing he miss perceived it yet still I could not bring my self to turn to him. The way his hand seemed to tremble and his hard breathing ringed in my ear drowned all other sound from around me. Thor was pissed wouldn’t even begun to describe it. Angry? No, he turned me around. His eyes seemed chaotic in their rage filled stare. I gulped but no sound came only vaguely was I aware of my throat trying to swallow. His chest raised in steady breath and with each one it seemed that he was trying to control his anger.

“After everything this is what you do?” he narrowed his gaze at me and I felt small under the stare of his eyes.

“Thomas its not—” I heard Daile try to say but he was cut off with a sharp “Shut up!” from Thor that even now that I think back on it Daile as a bit scared.

“It’s over Kenneth, I’m taking you home and you pack your things and get the hell out of my life!” he let go turned and walked out of the bar. I still stood there, with a sharp pain in my gut. He was going to drive away with out me if I didn’t move, but I also became angry at the man and that made me move.

Bulging fist, a scowl on my face I walked after him. I heard some one say something but the words didn’t reach my ears.

I was thrown of track when I saw Thor leaning against his pick up staring at the ground. He didn’t have the stature he always displayed, he looked broken—to be honest— he looked hurt.

“Thomas.” I said it was the first time I had spoken his real name since we met and it was my safe word.

He looked up and for the first time those calm eyes wasn’t dark with hunger or dominance but hurt with betrayal. I stepped closer to him and reached out my hand but let it drop to my side.

“Get in Kenneth,” the words were cold but lack the emotion behind it they seemed more to be disappointed.

“No,” his head shot up “You’re going to hear what I have to say and then you can decide but hear me out you will, you made it perfectly clear that communication is a big part of being in this life style.” Realizing I was razing my voice I lowered it.

“As my Dom you have a responsibility to hear me out, I know what it looked like and yes my actions might have been wrong but this is still a learning experience for me, I thanked Wester because if it wasn’t for him I would have gotten raped, I had a knife to my throat damit I was scared and he was there,”

He tried to say something but I cut him short.

“No I don’t blame you for not being there I blame my self, I allowed it to happen. Allowed my fear to take over, but Wester was there and I wanted to feel safe. If it was you and you where my sub I would have wanted one of the other Sirs to step in and Wester did, I didn’t seduce him or tease him there was nothing meant by it. Yes I admit a simple thank you would have been more appropriate. So I was wrong in that.” I huffed it out. He seemed stunned just staring at me. I reached for him and placed my hands on his forearm.

“We are not all perfect Sir, what happened, happened. There’s nothing we can do about that now but move forward and make sure it doesn’t happen again.”  I lowered my gaze to the ground at that point. I said what I wanted to say, if he still wants me to pack my bags and get out of his life I would.

“I’m sorry Kenneth,” of course my mind went straight to thinking I’m sorry Kenneth, but you’re still packing your bags. I almost expected him to say that.  “I should have never left you alone, it’s my own fault and at that I placed you in danger. It won’t happen again I promise.” His hands reached for the back of my neck and started rubbing the muscles there. “Did I hurt you?” I just sighted, relived I pressed my head into his chest and he pulled me close wrapping his arms round me. “No you didn’t but you looked scary as hell.” He brought his head down against my hair bruising a kiss to my crown.

“So should we talk about punishment Sir?”

He huffed at my words. “I think you’re enjoying the spankings too much, yes you will be punished,” he seemed to pause for a bit, still massaging the spot on my neck. I could hear the glee in his words.

“You’re not going to enjoy it boy, that I’m going to assure you. Come with me.”

He with drew from me caught my hand and I shivered from the smile on his face. He walked us back into the bar and up to the counter. Things seemed to be picking up and two of the other bar tenders seemed overly busy helping others at the bar. Daile, Randy and Wester was in conversation as we stepped up to them.

“Gentleman, thank you.” Thor said with the dominance back in his voice. He turned to Daile and whisper something in his ear. Daile with drew, shook his head but a smile appeared on his face as he looked to me.

“There’s the Thor I know and love.” he said still looking at me.

I started to panicking, Daile’s words held a hint of something sinister. Thor grip on my hand tightened. Daile went off somewhere and Thor leaned down and whispered into my ear “You trust me boy.”

Whether it was a question or a statement I didn’t know, Daile returned and handed Thor a black case. A little bigger and longer than a glass case, with that in hand and a thanks from Thor to them we left and went back home. I expected to be punished right away but no he made love to me again that night and for the rest of the weekend. 

Monday when he came home from work Thor did the most unusual things, he came in greeted me, unplugged the cord to the phone and took out the battery of his cell phone. He left me after dinner to clean the dishes as he instructed and went off to the bedroom. Dishes done I walked the hallway towards our bedroom. I had not seen the black case since we got home that Friday night. Now however Thor was lying on his stomach on the bed and the black case next to him along with a brown paper bag. He reached out and patted the empty space next to him.

“Come here Kenneth,” he said calmly. I did and went to go sit next to him. First he reached for the paper bag and took out a bottle of lube and set it down next to the case, I kept silent as he took the black case and zipped it open. He placed it in front of me. “Do you know what these are?” I looked at the open case and back to him then back to the case, “No, Sir.” I said outstretched my hand to touch the contents. He caught my wrist just before I could touch the thin steel rods of different thicknesses and length.

“Don’t touch them boy, I just cleaned them.” he sat up then and pulled me to him guiding me to sit in his lap.

“They are called sounds, do you know what they are for Kenneth?” he whispered dangerously into my ear. I looked at them again. There’s no way those where going into my ass, I mean what pleasure would I get from them they were way too small—. Yea there was just one opening they could go into.

“Sir isn’t that dangerous?”

He wrapped his arms a round me “It can if done improperly, do you want to try it Kenneth?”

I thought and he allowed me to think about it, still wrapped in his arms he didn’t touch me other than holding me.

“Sir, is this part of my punishment?”

“That depends.” He said.

He still kept patient with me as I thought about it. I turned and look up to him. “Yes Sir, we can try.”

A smile warmed his face, I’m guessing not for the fact that I said yes but that I looked back at him and answered, he drilled that into my mind from the start. That if and when he asked a question regarding anything sexual or not I looked him straight in the face and tell him my answer. He helped me off the bed closed the black box and took the lube had retrieved from the paper bag placed them on the dresser and retrieved a play sheet from dresser drawer. “Posture boy!” he snapped as he walked past me. Immediately I dropped to my knees and brought my hands around my back head hanging low, I didn’t have the collar yet. Apparently it took a long time for Thor to deem a sub worthy to be presented with his collar. Though after what happened that Friday night I think it influenced his judgment as to when he would present it to me.

Play sheet on the bed he turned to me his dick already bulging in his pants.

“On the bed on your back boy,” he stood waiting by the edge.

Once in position he retrieved the lube and sound case from the dresser and came to lay next to me.

His hand stroking up and town the side of my body.

“I need you to trust me Kenneth,” his voice turned sharp and grim. “I don’t care about safe words you tell me stop when it hurts immediately do you understand.” He had stopped stroking my side as he spoke leaning in, his eyes were in danger and warning mode. I slowly moved my head up and down.

“And I need you to be relaxed and completely still don’t yank or move when you feel pain just tell me stop ok my boy?” his fingers caressed my cheek with him still looking deep into my eyes. With another slow nod from me he took the lube first, squirted some out of the tube and rub it over my meatus, I was long hard and dripping already. He then took one of the steel rods.

“They are surgical steel,” he brought one up to my face and ran a finger along the rod yet not touching it, “you see that it has a curve to it Kenneth?” my eyes caught his and I nodded. “Its molded to the shape you’re urethra follows, the lube I used is sterile surgical lubricant,” he paused again and looked me in the eyes. “You promise me whenever you feel a sharp pain tell me to stop Kenneth,” ok yes he was getting annoying with it but I knew Thor by now safety first, he was so obsessed with it that it was scary.

He sat up and focused on my dick squirted more of the lube and lubed the rod, I held my breath and kept my body dead still as he brought the rod to my dick.

“There’s going to be pressure and a slight burning sensation.”

I felt the cold tip kiss my slit, Thor’s hand wrapped around the base of my dick holding it steady but not applying pressure. Gently the sensation of something cold sliding into my dick took hold of me. I held my breath, clinched the sheets and closed my eyes. Slowly and gently I felt a burning and pressure as the sound pressed against the walls of my dick’s urethra. Slowly I let out a breath eyes still closed knowing how horribly wrong this can go, knowing how much trust I’m placing in Thor. The sound went deeper and the burning and pressure increased. I could feel it in my balls yet still it seemed that I kept dripping. The increasing pressure flooded to my bladder and I had the sudden urge to piss.

“Sir?” I said in a half whisper, Thor stopped completely but did not remove the rod from my dick.

“You ok?”

“I need to piss,” I said and I heard him chuckle softly.

“Its ok boy, you might leak some, it’s natural.”

Then I felt him turn the rod slowly in a careful motion swirling it around but not pressing on it. From the actions I felt the sound slide down slowly building pressure and burning, stop was at the top of my lips when the sensation of him turning the sound stopped and he carefully retrieved it from my shaft. I opened my eyes again and saw him adding more lube. I closed them again when I felt the sound being pushed back down my urethra, a moan came from my lips that surprised me, the sensation of a cold sound filling up my shaft felt uncomfortable yet stimulating. It hit something or reached some point inside me sending an intensity bringing forth the fire in my gut. I was lost from that point held captivated in his power over me. Or was it the fact that I trusted him so deeply. My breath was steady and my body relaxed allowing me to fully focus on the sensation of pain and pressure. I felt a hot breath at my balls yet I did not move. His lisp brushed my sack in a light kiss. Then his tong followed one of my veins on my shaft I could feel it so intensely with the rod in my dick. His tong continued to brush over my shaft. Then, I felt the rod being pulled out and pushed back in. his lips kissing my cock crown his tong trailing along the lines of my crown.

“Look Kenneth,” he almost purred the words. “Look at my boy!” I swear he sounded like the cat that received a double whipping of cream. The satisfaction on his face made me gasped. The intensity of the moment pulling me down burning in my gut and making a mark on my soul. This man I can give him all of my control and he would never abuse it.

He retrieved the sound from my cock. “Come, you need to pee.” He encouraged me to stand, my legs seemed shaky but he held a firm arm around my waist and help me to the bath room. He stood there holding me as I pissed.  It burned but he reassured me, it was natural. His actions reminded me, that no matter how intense things will get in a scene he would be there before, during and afterword’s.

He guided me back to the bed, a blush of embarrassment came to my cheeks at the piss stains on the play sheet. It didn’t seem to faze him. Thor was prepared even for that as he wiped it of with a damp cloth that seemed to come from no where then took of the play sheet. Siting on the bed in front of me he pulled me into his arms and kissed me. Laid us down and covered me with his body. I cling to him cling to the man I would be willing to give anything to and pondered to myself, as I drift off to sleep, how I can prove that to him. My cock still hard still reminding me of the way it was violated yet I never stopped dripping.

The days that followed the sounding were different, as Thor to my surprise took a week off work. I was ordered onto the bed in the mornings bound feet and hands and Thor would play with my cock. Kiss it, nip it, nuzzled it or stroke it and just before I reach climax he would stop. It happened throughout the course of the day, sometimes three to four times a day for an hour-long, he would torture me. He would moan lustful as he did it, teased me to the point I wanted to bite him hard.  By Thursday it felt like my dick was tender and my body tense with frustration. Hell I tell you, hell. I was leaking constantly and since he was just a cruel basted, (and because I allowed it) he walked around naked swinging that dick meat of his in front of my face at each opportunity he got. I wasn’t allowed a taste or to get fucked with it.  In the evening, same thing only he would, after his torture, make me watch as he stroked himself. He hungrily trailed his eyes over me showing his desire and then the bastard would call out my name as he shot his load and all I was allowed to do was watch as he demanded. Then he would laugh almost sadistically in his glory. That Friday was different he had to go into work for something but not before he took out a Chastity belt and clipped it on me locking it, nor did he fail to see the deep blush spreading over my cheeks. Best of all the fuck took the bloody key with him! By that time I was so sex deprived I wanted to hump the furniture and the scary thing was I most likely would have if given the opportunity.

He came home at four to a not so happy and grumpy me.

“What’s the matter baby boy?” he asked stepping through the door and shutting it. Ok calling me pet names was just adding to his little game and I wasn’t happy. Of course I knew by now this was his punishment but what I should learn from it I still had to understand.

“I need to pee Sir,” I said in a cold tone.

“Need daddy to hold your hand?” he said followed by dark grin.

“I think I can manage sir, though…” and I turned bright red just then.

He walked over to me and I could feel my warm cheeks turning a deeper shade of red.

I didn’t look at him as he stood before me, it was different when his hand brushed against my cheek and he said “Come.” 

Holding out a hand I reached for it eagerly as signs of the old Thor (the one I came to know) came to the surface. He pulled me up wrapped a hand around my waist and walked us to the bathroom. There he undid the lock and took off the chastity belt. I took a long deserved piss. He studied me still, then when I was done he ordered me to take a shower and a cleaning. He still watched even when I used the douche.

Standing in the bedroom dried off and cleaned he ordered me into a pose. I called it slave pose. Hands folded around my back, legs spread wide apart, back straight, head up and chest out.

I felt him behind me radiating heat indicating he too was naked. A soft touch brushed my shoulder so gentle that I gasped. He trailed it from there to the center of my back and swept the finger down my spine.

“You’re body is developing beautifully.” Yeah he had me on an intense workout program and diet sculpting my body to his wanting. Now you would protest? Really? Or have you forgotten the terms I agreed to. He would mold me into what he wanted me to be, remember. Anyway I worked hard at it to please him and now yes I was definitely more buff than what I was when we met. The finger on my back started tracing the indents of the muscles on my arms soon more fingers joined and more spots were touched with the same simple light brush.  He spent a long time on my back exploring the skin and heating it with his heat and soft touching, finally he stepped around and I thought we were going to get the thing rolling. Disappointment made my gut ache as the new Thor’s dark smile reach his lips.

“Enjoying ourselves are we?” he asked in a seductive voice.

“Yes, Sir thank you Sir,” I said and his smile faded quickly. He didn’t say anything as his fingers brushed over my cheek down my neck and over my breast bone lining the shape of my chest, coming to the left nipple he flicked at it with his nail.

“Sir!” I rocked on my feet from the sharp sensation echoing through me trying to keep still.

Leaning in towards my nipple, he said “Yes Kenneth, is there a problem?” His breath spilled over my skin sending the fire coursing again. “No?” he whispered when I didn’t respond.

I opened my mouth to say something but the words were lost as a gasp escaped my mouth when he took my nipple bud between his teeth and bit gently on it. He reached out and steadied my shaking legs as I wobbled in place. My cock was harder than hard and leaking fiercely. He closed his lips around my nipple and sucked hard on the sensitive skin. I had a flash of him when he did that to the coffee cups lid back in Rosé coffee shop. Breathing became hard when his hands trailed up the side of my body and over my rib cage.

When he released the bud the cold sensation of the air was almost painful against the tender spot. It wasn’t long when he went to my right nipple and did the same. My body shook as he sucked on my nipple his hands still exploring my sides. I drew in a deep and sharp breath as I felt my balls tighten and my cock swell larger than humanly possible.

“Sir I’m gonna – ouch fuck!” the flick of his hand slapping my cock at that moment made my orgasm retract. At the same time I had stepped back, the odd pain sensation stung my dick and settled in my bladder and balls.

When I looked at him he had a sneaky grin on his face so bad even that cursed vein on his forehead showed prominently over the wrinkles his forehead made.

“Resume your position boy.” Shaking I stepped back to him re-taking my position. His eyes went to my dick and I didn’t dare look down at my own cock not even when he bent down and got on his knees in front of me.

“Someone is very happy or very frustrated.”

Fuck I was so ready at that point to say my safe word when the bastard gripped my cock at the base and held it hard in his hand.

“Look at me boy!” he commanded in a deep voice. I slowly lowering my gaze to him and our eyes locked. He stuck out his tongue squeezed hard pulling his hand up over the length of my shaft and then clasped my crown.  A large droplet of pre-cum oozed out and dropped on his tongue. He took it in his mouth and licked his lips.

“Do you want me to stop Kenneth?” he paused and licked over my slit. “Think of it boy,” he smiled. “All of this can stop with a simple word. You give me the power over you and you can take it away.” He squeezed hard on my cock again.

“Subs hold the true power Kenneth, even more power when there’s a deep love from the Dom for his sub.” Back then those words were just words but now I know what he meant by them.

“You have the real power here Kenneth just one word and it will end, you can jack yourself off and stop this torture.” He darted out his tongue again and licked the slippery trail of spit along my cock head.

“Say it Kenneth,” he licked again and loosened his hand on my dick and at the same time sucked the head into his mouth and I moaned.

“Say it!” he barked.

I wanted to. I fucking wanted to scream his name at him.

“Well, are you going to say it or not Kenneth? Say it now!” He gripped my dick again and stroked it fast.

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Indie writer nothing more crazy tn my imagination though trust me you don't want to go there its not safe...
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